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Ontario Cycling launches General Commissaire Course

Ontario Cycling has launched an online General Commissaire Course open to anyone interested in becoming a cycling official of any discipline.

If you’re an avid cycling fan, you may have noticed the critical role that commissaires and officials play in ensuring the safety and fairness of cycling events. These highly trained individuals are responsible for everything from enforcing the rules of the race to monitoring rider behavior and ensuring that everyone stays on course. Now, with the new General Commissaire Course, aspiring officials in Ontario can get the training they need to join the ranks of these vital cycling community members.

One of the most exciting things about the General Commissaire Course is that it’s entirely online, allowing participants to complete the course at their own pace and on their own schedule. The four-part aims to provide an overview of cycling officiating, intended for all disciplines – road, track, mountain bike, cyclo-cross, and BMX. Once the General Commissaire Course has been completed, the individual will successfully complete Cycling Canada’s discipline-specific Provincial C Commissaire Course and 2 Technical Assistant positions to become Provincial C Certified. This makes it an ideal option for those who may not have the time or resources to attend in-person training sessions. Additionally, the course is designed to be the entry-level certification for the official pathway in Ontario, meaning that completing it can be the first step towards a rewarding career in cycling officiating. The cost for the course is $20.

The importance of commissaires and officials to the success of cycling events cannot be overstated. Without their expertise and dedication, races would be far more dangerous and unpredictable, and riders would be at a much greater risk of injury or accident. By completing the General Commissaire Course, participants will not only be gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective officials, but they will also be making a valuable contribution to the cycling community as a whole. So, if you’re passionate about cycling and want to help ensure the safety and fairness of the sport, the  General Commissaire Course may be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Ontario Cycling would like to thank Anne Cobban and Marie-Eve Potvin, who have worked extensively on the creation and delivery of this project. Both women are incredible leaders within the cycling community and continue to push the level of excellence within the sport.

Want to become a commissaire? Please email for more information!