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Calling all cycling enthusiasts – Become a Volunteer

We hope your cycling season is off to a great start. As the temperature rises and we start to ride outdoors again we are looking forward to our first Mountain Bike and Road OCup events beginning in May! As of April 17th, registration for volunteers at all applicable Ontario Cycling (OC) run events has been open and available to all interested in helping support these events!

Knowing that volunteers play a crucial role in the organization and that cycling events are only possible with the support of our passionate volunteers, we thank all of you who are interested in volunteering. To get involved, please follow the steps below and register as an OC Volunteer. Once you’re in our volunteer pool and have signed up for a volunteer shift at an event, an Ontario Cycling staff member will contact you to confirm your upcoming volunteer shift(s) and provide additional information relevant to your role(s).

How to Become an OC Volunteer:

  1. Complete the online Volunteering & Accessibility module from the Government of Ontario at the link HERE. This will help you prepare to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone at our events in your volunteer position.
  2. Create an account on VeloSched and complete the event sign up process at the link HERE.
    1. We use VeloSched as the platform to coordinate volunteer needs for our different events, track eligibility, and encourage you to sign up for shifts. It is your tool to keep track of upcoming volunteering opportunities. Please make sure that you fill in all details required upon creating your account as we rely on this information being accurate for planning purposes.
    2. Important note: You will need to update the skills section of your profile to be able to see and sign up for applicable roles at events. Please read the position descriptions carefully and set your skills honestly according to your experience and knowledge. Please see the below steps to correctly update your skills:
  3. Create an account on CCN if you do not already have one and complete the 2023 Ontario Cycling Volunteer Registration at the link HERE.
  4. If interested in becoming a Caravan Driver at Road events, please contact the [email protected] email directly for further details and information about the opportunity to become a driver. All caravan drivers must have a valid license and clean driving record.
    *If you have any questions or encounter difficulties throughout the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to the [email protected] email address – we will be happy to help.

Whether Road, MTB or Cyclo-Cross, you can find an overview of all upcoming sanctioned events on the Ontario Cycling events calendar at the link HERE. For an overview of all the events, dates, and sign up deadlines available to volunteers see the following table: 



Event Date(s)

Sign up deadline for volunteering

OCup #1 – Mansfield Outdoor Centre

May 5 – 7, 2023 (Off-Road/MTB)

 April 23rd, 2023

OCup #1 – Henderson Classic Road Race

May 14, 2023 (Road)

 April 30th, 2023

OCup #2 – Northumberland Classic Road Race

June 10, 2023 (Road)

 May 28th, 2023

OCup #3 – Lansdowne Classic Road Race

July 8, 2023 (Road)

 June 25th, 2023

OCup #3 – Walden Trails (Sudbury)

July 28 – 30, 2023 (Off-Road/MTB)

 July 16th, 2023

Provincial Championships (TT, Criterium, Road)

August 4 – 6. 2023 (Road)

 July 23rd, 2023

MTB Provincial Championships – Kelso Conservation Area

August 25 – 27, 2023 (Off-Road/MTB)

 August 13th, 2023

We hope this information interests you and would love to see you at one or more events throughout the season. Thank you in advance for considering to give your time, energy, and enthusiasm to Ontario Cycling’s events. In addition to supporting the growth of our sport in the province!