Responsible Coaching Movement

It is my pleasure to announce that the Ontario Cycling Association, today signed a pledge to support the Responsible Coaching Movement in Canada. The responsible coaching movement is a product of Coaches Association of Canada and fully endorsed by our national sport organization – Cycling Canada.

By making the pledge, the Ontario Cycling Association has committed to implementing supportive policies and processes system wide that adhere to the three key areas of focus in Phase 1 of the Responsible Coaching Movement:

  • The Rule of Two;
  • Background Screening (Including Criminal Record Checks); and
  • Respect and Ethics Training.I encourage all clubs, coaches and parents in the sport of cycling to sign the pledge.  Clubs and teams that work with youth will be expected to adopt policies and processes that support these areas of focus by December 31, 2018. Information on implementation will be posted beginning Monday June 18, 2018.
  • For detailed information on the Responsible Coaching Movement please follow this LINK

Jim Crosscombe

Chief Executive Officer