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“Riding a bike is everything to a cyclist. The friendship and camaraderie you have with other cyclists… to a cyclist, it was the be-all and end-all of your life.”

Tommy Godwin, long-distance cyclist

UCI Licences

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$ 20
Starts at
  • Under 8 - $20.00
  • 8-18 years old - $25.00
  • 19+ (Adult) - $45.00


$ 44
Starts at
  • Under 8 - $44.00
  • 8-18 years old $ 52.00
  • 19+ (Adult) - $75.00


$ 65
Starts at
  • 8-18 years old - $65.00
  • 19+ (Adult) - $100.00


$ 135
Starts at
  • Under 17 - $135.00
  • 17/18 - $175.00
  • 19+ (Adult) - $200.00


Challenge, Cruiser, Freestyle
$ 92
Starts at
  • U17 - $92.00
  • 17+ - $127.00


Add ON
$ 30
  • UCI Add On

UCI Para-Cycling

$ 87
Starts at
  • U17 - $87.00
  • 17+ - 125.00

UCI Technical

$ 88
  • Coach/Official/Manager Note: if purchasing a UCI Tech and UCI race license, only the highest fee applies. If purchasing a UCI Tech and a Challenge/Compete a $10 fee will be added to the highest membership cost

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices above are before CCN Bikes registration processing fees and taxes on these fees. Note that there is no tax on memberships. Membership age is based on the individual’s age as of December 31, 2024. 
  • If there are any pricing issues during the registration process, please contact CCN Bikes or the OC office. When upgrading from one membership to another, members will only be asked to pay the difference in membership costs. Once processed, the original membership will be cancelled. 
  • Any discrepancies in price between CCN Bikes registration and the above shall default to the above price for the membership.  
  • All members are issued a digital membership card. Printed plastic cards can be ordered during the registration process for $12/card. 
  • If purchasing a UCI Technical License and UCI Race License, only the highest fee applies.  
  • If purchasing a UCI Technical License and a Challenge or Compete membership, a $10 fee will be added to the highest membership cost. 
  • Those wanting to add a UCI BMX Code to an existing UCI Race License, the fee is $30.00. Anyone requiring this after originally purchasing their license can add this on CCN Bikes to their current license. 


  • Late Season Discount – Receive 25% off the purchase of a 2024 UCI License if purchased after September 14, 2024.    
  • Family Discount – 20% off membership purchase if purchased at same time as other family members. (Note: Min. 4 members, with at least one Under 18 membership is required. Must be purchased in same CCN Bikes Account in same transaction. Discount will not apply if purchased in separate transactions. Contact OC Club Relations & Membership Manager with a copy of your receipt to receive refund post purchase.) 
  • Triathlon Ontario Members Discount In partnership with Triathlon Ontario, 2024 Triathlon Ontario members who join Ontario Cycling(OC) are eligible for a $10 discount on their 2024 OC membership. Contact OC office to obtain more information.  


OC member insurance coverage is limited to “sanctioned activities” meaning the activity has been sanctioned and approved by Ontario Cycling, whether it be a club ride, Gran Fondo or Charity Ride, a competitive event at a club or elsewhere.

Level and access to certain coverages may be dependent on the level of membership you purchase. See below for breakdown of what you may be eligible for:

Up to $5M Personal Liability, No Sport Accident coverage

  • COMMUNITY Membership

Up to $10M Personal Liability & $50,000 Sport Accident coverage

  • CHALLENGE Membership
  • COMPETE Membership
  • UCI License
  • UCI Technical License

All membership types are eligible to purchase additional 24/7 (Personal Training or anytime-on-bike) accident coverage for an additional fee.

  • $27.00 Personal Training
  • $114.00 Anytime-on-Bike

No! If you are planning to join multiple clubs, you may do so using one OC membership. Please note however, that the types of activities you plan to participate in will determine which membership is best for your needs.

Changing your membership is easy. Simply login to your CCN Bikes profile (the one tied to your current membership) and update it through your portal.

Yes!  With the new Community membership format, you can become a Community member, and purchase the additional 24/7 Accident Benefits Insurance to cover yourself while personally training or commuting (depending on option chosen.) You can also use that membership to participate in any OC sanctioned Charity Rides or Gran Fondos.

If you are planning to race at your local club, and the event is for host-club members only, a Community membership is sufficient. If the host club has opened the event to other clubs and OC members, a minimum of a Challenge membership is required. The level of membership you require will mostly depend on what other events/activities you plan to participate in will be. Most event technical guides will also have this information, so please make sure to read through the technical guides of any events you are participating in, so that you are aware of this prior to showing up at an event.

See above membership images for a more detailed breakdown and don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions.

If your club or team has not yet registered with Ontario Cycling, you may still purchase your membership; however only clubs or teams that are registered at that time will be able to be put on your membership card.

Should you decide to go forward with your application, please note that once the club or team is registered, it will be up to each member to update their membership card with the Ontario Cycling office. There is no charge to do this, but if you require an updated print version of your membership card, a $12 processing fee will apply.

Most adult memberships (apart from UCI Licenses) are automatically issued shortly after purchase. UCI License applications and ALL youth applications are reviewed after purchase to ensure all application requirements have been met. This generally takes between 1-2 weeks.

If you need your membership before the 1-2 weeks processing time, a rush processing option is available which prioritizes your membership application in the queue and guarantees less than one week processing. (Assuming no application issues are found!)

An applicant under the age of 18 requires a parent or legal guardian to agree to ALL aspects of the membership form (including the waiver and concussion acknowledgement forms (Rowans Law), as well as any applicable UCI Forms) before the membership application will be processed.

If you do not have a parent/legal guardian with you when you apply, you will be able to email them a link to the forms to complete. Once submitted, the membership will go into the processing queue.

UCI Licenses

Technical UCI License

A UCI Technical License is primarily for those individuals looking to act as a Commissaire at provincial, national or UCI sanctioned events, or for someone looking to act in any official capacity as a Coach or Team Staff at clubs or sanctioned events. Certain requirements must be met to be recognized in an official capacity as Coach, Commissaire, Driver or Soigneur. A UCI Technical license is separate from a UCI Race License or other OC membership but can be combined with one of these race membership options for an additional cost. If looking to ride at an OC sanctioned club, a UCI Technical license is sufficient.

UCI Licenses

UCI License (Road | MTB | 4X | Track | Cyclo-Cross | BMX | Para) The UCI License is ideal for those looking to race outside of Ontario or in championship categories at national/international sanctioned events within the province. The OC office issues UCI licenses on behalf of Cycling Canada Cyclisme [], which is affiliated with the international cycling body, Union Cycliste Internationale. This means that UCI License holders are able to compete in sanctioned events across the world, subject to certain conditions. This card should be shown as proof of membership at any OC sanctioned club activity or event.
  • Can act in official capacity as a Commissaire, Coach or Staff (if meeting certain requirements) 
  • Receive a vote at the OC Annual Meeting 
  • License is valid Nationally and Internationally 
  • Have access to organized insurance program while participating in sanctioned UCI, National or OC sanctioned events or club activities (Sport Accident and Personal Liability) 
  • Can register for any OC event (subject to specific category allowance) 
  • Can register at Regional/OCup/Provincial Events 
  • Receive a vote at the OC Annual Meeting 
  • License is valid Nationally and Internationally 
  • May be eligible for specific High-Performance Projects based on pre-defined criteria. 
  • Have access to organized insurance program while participating in sanctioned UCI, National or OC sanctioned events or club activities (Sport Accident and Personal Liability) 

For direct inquires please reach out to Club Relations and Membership Manager: [email protected]


Ontario Cycling Insurance Program

Add-On Personal Ride Sport Accident Coverage

2024 Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program [PPA] Provided By: Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited

Information on the Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program [PPA] for OC Members. Note the other services that members can opt into if they should choose.

PPA Program Direct Website: Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program by Gallagher

Please visit the above link for fillable forms

Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program: 2024 Cycling Insurance Program Summary

Enhanced Personal Accident Extension Program 2024:

For those Ontario Cycling Members looking to have their individual training activities covered, members have two options to purchase into the “Personal Accident Extension Program” to extend the Sport Accident coverage to these activities.

Option 1 – Personal Accident Extension Program – $27  (+ CCN processing fee) ON-BIKE TRAINING

Description Unsanctioned training activities, including personal rides where the primary purpose is exercise or training and not travel to a specific destination

Option 2 – Personal Accident Extension Program – $114  (+ CCN processing fee) ANYTIME ON THE BIKE

Description Coverage for all unsanctioned activity on the bike including, but not limited to, commuting and other activities where the primary purpose of the ride is a means of transportation to a specific destination (work, store, etc.). This would include the activities covered by Option 1 and it is not necessary to get both options.

To purchase via CCN: Annual Membership Licence 

*All existing members can add the insurance to their existing 2024 membership or license.


Additional Insurance Program Options

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited

Brent Brandham

Vice President, Sport & Recreation

Tel: 416-408-5457

Additional Travel Medical

Kirsch Financial Services

Canadian Athlete Insurance Program CAIP)

Tel: 514-636-5351

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