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Hop On Program

HopOn is a games-based cycling program that teaches school-aged kids across Canada the joys of cycling safely.

The grassroots HopOn program is designed to help young people master basic cycling skills and build confidence through on-bike achievement. Launched by Ontario Cycling and supported by the governing National Sport Organization Cycling Canada, the program is a fun, games-based and inclusive of all riders. Our goal is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for youth and young teens to socially interact and develop their on-bike skills with our trained and provincial instructors. 

The HopOn program is typically offered as 3-5 day Summer Camps, 4-6 week Monthly Programs and 1-Day Showcase Events. With it’s adoption from Cycling Canada, HopOn is established as a national best practice for youth to learn and practice their fundamental on-bike skills. This program is currently being incorportated into community weekly summer camps & monthly programs, Ontario Cycling sanctioned club events, and underserved community initiatives.

Who is the focus group ?

HopOn focuses on developing on-bike skills of youth and young teens that range between the ActiveSTART and FUNdamentals stages of the Long-Term Athlete-Development model.  This can include participants who are new to pedalling, comfortable riding on grassy fields, experience riding on forest trail systems, ready for a new challenge, or seeking a sanctioned riding group/cub within their community. At minimum, it is expected that our participants feel comfortable riding without training wheels in a straight line for 60 pedals strokes.

Shape of the HopOn Program and what to expect.

The HopOn program is adaptable to challenge youth – young teen participants on an individual basis. Our curriculum consists of five levels of varying ability and skill development. Participants can either begin their journey at level one and continue to progress through each division. Instead, participants who have previous cycling experience may join into a program that best matches their current ability level. Our levels outline pre-required skills before entering each program. For instance: 

Riders can ride a two-wheel bike 60 pedal strokes without stopping. 

Riders can stop and start quickly, change gears effectively and tap their head/helmet while riding. 

Riders feel confident turning quickly, look behind while riding straight and rolling off a sidewalk curb.

Riders can lift their front wheel, tap their foot while riding and put their hand on a partner’s shoulder. 

Riders can stop and go with one hand on their head, stop and go on a steep hill and ride beside/behind a partner. 

HopOn motivates youth and young teens to stay engaged through continuous learning and skill-development. The purpose of each level is to allow participants to develop, refine and challenge their ability through an increase of skill complexity. After completing each level of our program, participants receive a letter of certification, acknowledging their completion of the program and providing information on the next progression. Once our participants have moved through the HopOn program and completed level 5, they have then mastered the required basic skills to become integrated into a sanctioned club practice.  We encourage our participants to develop their skills enough to join a local club, but also emphasize the importance of remaining life-long cycling enthusiasts using the skills developed within the HopOn curriculum.

You want to book a hop on program?

Our HopOn program is typically structured through weekly camps, one-day showcase events, and monthly programs. Could also mention the program can be offered as part of school programs. We are continually looking to train instructors and book new programs in communities across the Province. We aim to provide HopOn to youth of all backgrounds. Therefore, Ontario Cycling is committed remove barriers by supporting this program delivery with groups working with underserved and/or minority populations. 

If you are interested in learning how to book a program within your community/school/club, please contact Ontario Cycling’s Community and Grassroots Developer, Alex Roger.

How to become an Instructor

We are always looking to expand out instructor pool and get more kids on bikes through the HopOn program. Instructors can schedule their own programs, offer programming, in-conjunction with local clubs, and be booked to deliver programming established by Ontario Cycling. Instructors can be of any age and cycling experience level and will be provided with the training and support required to be successful. 

HopOn instructors are required to complete the NCCP Community Initiation Pathway, Submit a Background Check and complete the HopOn e-Learning and on-bike Instructor Orientation. If you are interested in the steps to becoming a HopOn instructor, please visit this link.

If you have any questions regarding the HopOn Instructor pathway, please reach out to Alex Roger.


We ask that some cycling experience is required in order to demonstrate each skill/activity within the HopOn curriculum. However, we are primarily looking for energetic individuals that act as community leaders, experience in teaching, previous work with youth participants in other sports, and/or have a passion for cycling.

It is required that all HopOn instructors complete the NCCP Community Initiation coach training. After the coaches have completed the Community Initiation pathway, we will send an initiation to complete the HopOn E-Learning (4 hours) and in-person Orientation (8 hours). HopOn instructors are also required to submit a background check to Ontario cycling and hold a current Ontario Cycling membership.

We require that instructors have their own personal working bike and helmet when delivering the program. Ontario Cycling can support each program by providing equipment (cones, chalk, hula-hoops, tennis balls, etc.) and branded flags.

Instructors are compensated by Ontario Cycling on an hourly-basis. This includes program set-up, delivery and tear-down of each session.

ontario Cycling WOmens WEEK

2023 Ontario Cycling is hosting its 7th annual Ontario Cycling Women’s  Week/Ontario Women’s Ride Day from May 29 to June 4, 2022. Activities include webinars, club rides and daily specials.

The week is dedicated to getting more females on their bike and introducing them to the wonderful benefits of being part of one of the many great organized cycling clubs in Ontario, while also enhancing the experience for those already riding at the local club and team level.



Please use the red links to contact the clubs for more details or to sign-up for the different activities. If you have any questions, please contact Club Relations & Membership Manager Chris Baskys.

High Performance Webinar
Body Image & Positive Communication

Presenter: Nicole Springle – Cycling Canada’s Lead Nutritionist
Target Audience: Women Athletes

C L U B   R I D E S

Chat laps & skills | Toronto, ON
Dig Deep Cycling

Road Ride | Uxbridge, ON
Uxbridge Cycling Club

Ladies Trail Night | Waterloo, ON*
The Hydrocut

C L U B   R I D E S

Women’s Time Trial | Ottawa, ON
Ottawa Bicycle Club

Women’s Cycling Week Ride | Toronto, ON
Wild Betty’s

Weekly Women’s Ride | Thunder Bay, ON*
Thunder Bay Cycling Club


Repair & Education Workshop | 6PM – 7:30PM
Get Your Bearings

Host: Sonia Maset, Brampton Bike Hub
Target Audience: Everybody who loves bikes

W E B I N A R S 

High Performance Webinar | 7PM – 8PM
Creating an environment to encourage lasting participation in sport

Presenter: Fiona Meikle – Ontario Cycling’s Mental Performance Consultant
Target Audience: coaches and parents

C L U B   R I D E S

Recreational Ride | Ottawa, ON
Ottawa Bicycle Club

Women’s Cycling Week Ride | Dufferin County, ON
Wild Betty’s

Women’s Ride | St. Catharines, ON
St. Catharines Cycling Club

Women Run Weekly Ride | Toronto, ON
Morning Glory Cycling Club

LCC Women’s Only Road Ride | Kingston, ON
Limestone City Cycling


C L U B   R I D E S

Road Ride | Uxbridge, ON
Uxbridge Cycling Club

Women’s Cycling Week Ride | Guelph, Cambridge & Campbellville, ON
Wild Betty’s

Women / LGBTQ2S+ ride option | Toronto, ON
Morning Glory Cycling Club x Saddle Sisters of High Park

No rides yet. If you are interested in hosting an activity, please reach out to Chris Baskys


Fast & Female Workshop| 10AM -11:30AM
Fast & Female Power Hour

Host: Ruby West, Canadian National Team Member
Location: Hardwood Ski and Bike


Albion Hill Conservation Ride | 10:30AM 
The MTB Exchange

Host: The Caledon Cycling Club
Leader: Sandra Crowe & Margaret Law 
Location: Albion Hills Conservation Area, ON

Downtown Social Ride | 1PM
Community Ride*
Host: Brampton Cycling Hub
Leader: David Laing
Location: Vivian Lane, Brampton Downtown

C L U B   R I D E S

Road Ride | Uxbridge, ON
Uxbridge Cycling Club

Gravel Ride | Uxbridge, ON
Uxbridge Cycling Club

MTB Ride | Uxbridge, ON
Uxbridge Cycling Club

Ladies Ride | St. Thomas, ON
Railway City Cycling Club

Women’s Social Ride | Waterloo, ON
Waterloo Cycling Club

C L U B   R I D E S

Road Ride | Uxbridge, ON
Uxbridge Cycling Club

Throughout the week share your riding photos by tagging #OntarioCyclingWomensWeek | #OCWW | #OntarioWomen | #WomeninCycling | #ONWomensRideDay | #ONWomensRideWeek | #ONWomensCyclingWeek on your social media

*unsanctioned activity

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