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High Performance

Ontario cyclists consistently achieve world-class performances. Ontario leads all provinces in representation on national teams.

Ontario Cycling High Performance Vision

Create, foster, and support a leading high performance development system for Ontario’s cyclists.

Ontario Cycling High Performance Mission

Your Way into High Performance

Start at the entry level

A rider can become part of a Club and learn from the experience they have to offer a new member including learn-to-ride and race clinics. Taking part in these clinics will provide a clear understanding of the sport and it will give the knowledge that is needed to grow as a rider.

The rider can also stay as an independent rider and participate in the many regional and weekly events that are hosted throughout the year. BMX-specific riders can join a local track and participate in their weekly events.

Team Ontario Camps and projects

The OC offers a number of high-performance training and completion opportunities to help athletes develop their skills. These include winter endurance camps in warm-weather climates, skills and tactics camps, sport science workshops, and Team Ontario representation at National Championships.

In most situations, athletes are required to submit an application to attend Team Ontario projects. Please visit the project page for a list of upcoming projects.

For more information on the Ontario High Performance System.

Provincial Level Competition

Once a rider has been competing in entry-level events and has achieved success they should move up to the provincial series of events for Road, Track and Mountain Bike known as the Ontario Cup Series. In BMX riders have the option to move up in proficiency from Novice to Intermediate or Expert.

At this level, a rider should consider joining a club/team and start looking for his or her first coach. Often, this can be done in one step, as many clubs have certified coaches.

A list of qualified coaches around the province is available from the OC website or by contacting us.

Long Term Athlete Development

Ontario Cycling Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model presents a progressive pathway for athletes to optimize their development according to recognized stages in human physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive maturation.

LTAD has implications for the transformation of key aspects of cycling’s sport system. Cycling’s Long-Term Athlete Development touched upon 17 key LTAD initiatives to improve cycling in Canada.

These initiatives, endorsed by Cycling Canada Cyclisme Board of Directors, are a framework for improvement in five key areas of our sport environment: Organizations, Competitions, Facilities, Coaching, and Leaders. Cycling Canada has worked closely with the five (5) Olympic disciplines to create cycling sports specific LTAD documents. These documents target the specific pathway for athletes, coaches and officials within the LTAD framework.

Mackenzie Watson
Mackenzie WatsonRider
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"Team Ontario to me feels like a great big family of the most amazing people that are always there for you when needed"
Logan O'Krafka
Logan O'KrafkaRider
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"It feels amazing and I’m truly honoured to be wearing the Trillium and representing Team Ontario at the games. I think it’s something a lot of athletes across all sports dream about. It feels like a massive reward after the last 2 years of uncertainty. I have been working hard for a long time now to represent team Ontario and to finally get the chance at one of the biggest opportunities there is, and to be able to race in front of friends and family feels incredible."
Kevin McKenna
Kevin McKennaRider
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"Being a development athlete on Team Ontario makes me feel like I have started the journey of one of my greatest accomplishments. I am being forged by the coaches, my teammates and the culture of Ontario Cycling and I feel proud to be a part of it all."

Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative

The Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) is a program run through the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) to develop and enhance a world-class high performance athlete and coach development system in Ontario. Through this initiative,  Ontario Cycling is able to obtain resources, including access to sport science expertise, financial support, facilities, and equipment, to enhance our high performance system.  This system is created in alignment and partnership with Cycling Canada using the same sport science practitioners and creating joint initiatives to help facilitate athlete progression towards national team programs.

The overarching goal of OHPSI is to:

“To support Ontario athletes who are deemed capable of achieving future international success on senior national teams in targeted summer and winter Olympic/Paralympic Games and Pan/Parapan American Games sports.”

Given the geographic size and capacity challenges, Ontario recognizes that there are different athlete development pathways leading to Team Canada representation. As a result, Ontario’s plan supports both centralized, OC-led programming, and de-centralized club/personal coach training environments.  It must be recognized that there is a finite amount of resources available and to maximize the return on investment, the OC will be responsible for identifying athletes demonstrating the highest potential for international success.

The following criteria are used for the selection of athletes into the OHPSI/High-Performance Athlete Targeted Program. Simply meeting the criteria does not guarantee entry into the program. Final decisions will be made through the OC High-Performance Staff and coaches in conjunction with Cycling Canada and Canadian Sport Institute Ontario personnel. This list will be updated at different points in the year. However, athletes are able to be added/removed from internal OHPSI lists at any time.

The program is designed for athletes for athletes 4-8 years [varies] from Olympic/Paralympic competition.

  1. Athletes selected into National NextGen/Development Programs [who are not fully supported]
  2. Athletes selected to represent Canada at a U23/Senior World Championship [MTB/Track/BMX/Road]
  3. Athletes competing at high level competition within their sport [UCI Trade Team, MTB World Cup] identified by Cycling Canada within the Prospect Pool
  4. Athletes meeting National/International Team time standards as identified by Cycling Canada [track, para]
  5. National/Provincial Coach recommendation based on demonstrated physiological performances or achievement of high level results
  1. Athletes selected to represent Canada at a Junior World Championship [Road/Track/MTB/BMX] or achieved a national junior time standard when applicable
  2. Athletes within 3% of the Cycling Canada “B” Para-Cycling Standards
  3. Athletes placing top 3 [BMX/Para] or top 5 [Road/MTB] at U19/U23 National Championships
  4. Athletes selected into part-time/associate national team programs, identified as tracking towards national team programs [identified pool], or are demonstrating progress towards higher level competition
  5. Athletes in the U17 category that have captured an individual national championship and/orhave demonstrated potential above their age and reflective of having success at an international level
  1. Athletes selected into a Provincial Training Group Programs or Provincial Para-cycling HP Program [not meeting Tier 1/2 criteria]
  2. Athletes with consistent performance results in the U17/U19 category at high level/national level events
  3. Athletes identified as having potential through performance results, physiological testing [e.g.  RBC Training Ground], or provincial/national coach recommendation
  4. National/Provincial Coach recommendation based on overall performances and reflective of targeted athlete profile

High Performance Committee

Ontario Cycling High-Performance program is responsible for the development of athletes from the Club and the Provincial level to help them graduate to National and Trade teams.

The program focuses on those within the Train to Compete and Learn to Win stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD). The High-Performance Committee and OC staff guide the planning, evaluation and establishment of standards for Team Ontario programming. 

The committee is responsible for the unbiased selection of athletes for the programs and projects, and reports via measurable performance objectives.

The program provides coaching assistance and manages the Quest for Gold Carding program. Through training camps and projects the program identifies and develops a pool of athletes with the goal of medal potential at the National Championship and Canada Summer Games.

HIGH Performance Training Group [Multisport]

The transition from junior into U23/Elite is a significant development jump, often creating challenges for many strong athletes that aren’t able to progress directly into a national team program, trade team, or another supported programming. Additionally, even when athletes are able to enter into these programs, they are often facing new lifestyle challenges transitioning into post-secondary, starting careers, and/or moving away from their familiar home and training environment. All of these changes can result in elevated stress levels and decreased motivation, often resulting in talented athletes leaving the system prior to reaching their full athletic potential.

To assist in addressing this issue, Cycling Canada and Ontario Cycling are launching an Ontario High-Performance Training Group. Although the program will be based out of the Milton Velodrome, the program is open to identified athletes from all cycling sports. The program will provide open and flexible training opportunities to help accommodate athlete schedules while creating a “training group” support system to help motivate athletes and push their training potential.

  1. Provide identified athletes with additional training and support services to assist in progressing towards national team selection projects and programs
  2. Provide opportunities for athletes to train in a group setting, creating a social and supportive environment to enhance athlete engagement
  3. Deliver sport science services and information workshops to improve off-bike training practices and habits
  4. Create opportunities for athletes to participate in multiple cycling sports as part of their on-going training

Providing character and professional growth opportunities to develop the complete athlete both on and off the bike.

Team Ontario Para-Cycling Programming

Ontario is relatively young in terms of offering para-cycling development and high performance programming. In recent years, more formalized Team Ontario projects, camps and programming have taken place.  Also, during this time, the OC contracted the research and development of a Para-cycling Strategic Plan to guide the continued implementation of para-cycling initiatives.

For 2021, the OC has launched a multi-stream program to help support a variety of  levels of aspiring athletes.  The program will maintain a focus on providing identified athletes, who are committed to pursuing international success, with additional training opportunities, increased technical assessment, and opportunities for high level competition support.  However, the OC will continue to offer opportunities for developing para-cycling athletes to participate in training camps and Team Ontario projects.

  1. Provide additional support for Ontario’s high performing para-cycling athletes through supplementary training opportunities, sport science support, and technical assessment.
  2. Develop a core training group(s) of athletes to foster positive competition amongst Ontario’s athletes.
  3. Increase the overall number of para-cyclists in Ontario from grassroots to national team
  4. Prepare athletes for selection to NextGen and other Cycling Canada projects through achievement of established time standards.
  5. Maximize Ontario’s contribution to Canada’s international success in para-cycling

Team Ontario - Associate High Performance Athlete

Focused on athletes that are currently involved with Cycling Canada programs (under the guidance of a National National Team Coach).  These athletes are fully committed to achieving international success through dedicated training and competition programming.  However, they will join Team Ontario for specific training and competition projects as required.

Team Ontario - High Performance Athlete

Focused on athletes tracking towards Cycling Canada programs with goals of achieving international success.  Athletes must commit to a dedicated training plan under a certified coach (appointed or approved by OC) and attend all scheduled training sessions and projects.   

Team Ontario - Development Athlete

Focused on athletes tracking towards OC Training Group Program within 2-years with potential to progress towards national team programming.  Athletes must commit to a dedicated training plan under a certified coach (appointed or approved by OC) and attend all scheduled training sessions and projects.

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