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Team Ontario Selection Process – U17/U19 Canadian Track Championships


The 2024 Canadian Cadet/Junior Track National Championships will be taking place in Bromont, Quebec, from March 29 – March 31, 2024. Ontario Cycling will focus on the team events (team pursuit/team sprint) for the 2024 Championships. This will involve a composite team approach through the selection of Ontario’s strongest athletes. For all individual events and Madison, athletes will compete with their club/trade team.

Expression of interest

Athletes must complete an expression of interest before Sunday, February 4th at 5pm for consideration into the athlete pool. Only riders who have applied for Team Ontario will have access to OC track time (for team practice).


This initiative will be organized by OC Track Coach, David Jack

Selection and Training

Team Composition
All Team Pursuit will have a maximum of 5 athletes*
All Team Sprint will have a maximum of 4 athletes*

*It will be at the discretion of the coach as to whether an alternate is selected
based on athlete ability/fitness

Athletes will be selected to attend the March Break Training Camp using the Selection Criteria in Appendix A. During this camp, athletes will be assessed on their ability to perform as part of a pursuit or sprint team with the primary focus being to assemble the team capable of going the fastest rather than selecting the fastest individuals. Consideration will be given towards starts, exchanges, team/individual positioning, and maintaining coach instructed pacing.

4 team ontario riders ride the track in unison

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