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Ontario Cycling is Happy to Announce the Pilot Launch of Grassroots Program, HopOn, Within Ontario Public Schools

HopOn introduces cycling as a fun and accessible games-based program for all children, while emphasizing the importance of bike safety and developing fundamental cycling skills. The initiative is part of a broader effort for youth to foster a lifelong appreciation for an active lifestyle & to grow the sport of cycling at the grassroots community level.

With respect to Long-Term Athlete Development Model, the program includes a structured curriculum that covers basic cycling skills, safety guidelines, and group activities to make on-bike learning engaging and interactive. NCCP trained instructors, many of whom are avid cyclists & coaches themselves, will guide students through the program, ensuring a safe, inclusive and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Elementary schools in the Greater Toronto Area are already gearing up for the program, with educators expressing excitement about the positive impact it will have on their students. Parents are also welcoming the initiative, recognizing the importance of introducing cycling at an early age.

The HopOn program is set to kick off in May and will run as a pilot in select schools before expanding across the province. Ontario Cycling is actively collaborating with local education authorities, community organizations, and cycling enthusiasts to ensure the program’s success.

As the wheels of the HopOn program start turning, Ontario Cycling looks forward to witnessing the positive effects on children’s physical health & safety, mental well-being exposure to local sanctioned clubs.

“It is definitely a program we want to move forward with. I know our Vice Principal keeps speaking on how great it is and will make it happen.”

For more information on bringing HopOn to your school or community, please contact Alex Roger ([email protected]).

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