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HopOn Call for Interest

February 22, 2022

The Ontario Cycling Association will be rolling out Cycling Canada’s HopOn program in 2022.  The program is grassroots focused on helping introduce and develop basic cycling skills to youth age 6 -16 in a fun, supportive setting using a progression model (i.e. level 1-5).  The OCA hosted a soft launch/pilot of the program in 2021 and is looking to officially launch and expand the program in the Spring/Summer of 2022. To start this process, the OCA will be focusing efforts on working with existing youth clubs but will also be looking to engage and train several cycling leaders in the general community interested in delivering the program. More information on the HopOn Program can be found HERE. 

The OCA will be hosting “HopOn” Leader Training on March 26 and 27 in the Milton Area [in-person training is only 1-day and may be offered on both days depending on interest/need], and at this time, we would like to invite anyone interested in becoming a HopOn instructor to submit an application. There will be no charge for this initial instructor training. Application Form [deadline Feb 28. 2022] Please note space is limited, and there will be future opportunities to be receive training. 

Training Requirements

  1. Member in good standing of the OCA 
  2. NCCP Let’s Ride Community Initiation Trained [if you do not have this completed, please let us know, and we can look to arrange a course prior to the training date] 
  3. Complete the HopOn Online training [approximately 3-4 hours, link provided to those accepted to attend instructor training] 
  4. Complete a police check [OCA can assist with this process via Sterling Backcheck, which provides a 24 hour online turn-around] 
  5. Complete the in-person HopOn Training March 26/27