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Tony Osborne Memorial Youth Cycling Fund

February 25, 2022


The OC recognizes that the landscape of youth cycling has changed in recent years and that the challenges facing clubs and event organizers who are focused on providing youth development continues to grow. The Tony Osborne Fund was developed to focus on providing support to those groups who provide these opportunities for youth (18 years and younger) within all cycling disciplines. Youth events may apply for a subsidy that can be utilized for operational costs like medals, timing, police, barricades etc. which will enhance the quality of the event or provide for a more robust event. 

In previous years, the OC has organized several camps, across all cycling disciplines, using a variety of coaches and technical experts. While there are plans to offer these types of camps, we recognize that clubs may have specific areas of interest that they would like to further develop (for coaches or athletes). This could be focusing on a specific technical skill [e.g., MTB drops] or introducing a new cycling sport into the clubs [e.g., cyclo-cross]. The intention of the grant is to utilize the expertise that is available within the province, increase opportunities for knowledge sharing, and help clubs enhance their training delivery. 

Application Requirements

Event Organizers: 

  • OC Sanctioned Event – all paperwork must be received and approved prior to submitting an application 
  • Risk Management and/or Emergency Action Plan including COVID safety protocol 
  • Volunteer Screening protocols 
  • Must have at least 25 registered participants 
  • Detailed budget breakdown

Camps & Clinics: 

  • All participants must be registered members in good standing with OC 
  • Clubs must be youth-focused or have a youth-focused program (under the age of 19) 
  • Camp requests must have a minimum of 8 participants 
  • Overview of the camp/clinic and purpose with outcome goals 
  • Detailed budget breakdown of costs 
  • Risk Management and/or Emergency Action Plan including COVID safety protocol 
  • Volunteer Screening protocols 
  • Clubs can apply for up to $400 towards: 
  • Coach/Expert fees 
  • Coach/Expert travel 
  • Facility rental/admission fees 


  • All applications must be filled out through via: APPLICATION LINK 
  • Selection Committee will review all applications against a weighted criterion 
  • Applicants will be notified of their application status within 2 weeks of applying 
  • OC will arrange payment through the contact person on the application 
  • Public recognition of the funds on social media, written materials, and website 
  • A final report after the event/camp/clinic must be submitted to the OC. Template to be provided by OC. 


  • Application Form (Google Link) 
  • Detailed Budget (excel spreadsheet) 
  • Registration numbers 
  • Event – Sanctioned application form submitted and approved 
  • Emergency Action Plan 
  • COVID Safety Plan 

All questions should be directed to [email protected] 

About Tony Osborne

A founding member of the Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club (1985) and the club’s President (1996-2006), Tony Osborne displayed an incredible passion for cycling. Unfortunately, at the age of 85, Tony passed away in August of 2020. 

Tony was a competitive cyclist throughout much of his life, participating in the BMX World Championships in 1985 in Whistler, BC at the age of 50 and in the 2019 National Track Cycling Championships at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre. At the advanced age of 84, he won two bronze medals at the 2020 Ontario Provincial Track Cycling Championships in Milton. 

Throughout his lengthy club cycling career, Tony was an enthusiastic promoter of the sport of cycling to new riders of all ages. Many young riders have given him credit for the encouragement he provided to them in their pursuit of provincial, national, and international success. 

We are pleased to be able to offer clubs, teams, and event organizers an opportunity to apply for funding through this fantastic initiative in the name of Tony Osborne and his legacy.