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Cobourg Cycling Club – Club Profile

What year was your club created?


Tell us about your club.

The Cobourg CC has a vast number of appealing cycling activities. Featuring road and gravel rides, from touring to challenge events, we have something for everyone. Including, Group Rides, Time Trials, and much more.

Come challenge the 50km Kevin Raper Memorial Time Trial, held on the undulating hills around Warkworth, this is a test for all. As the season winds down in late September, we will renew our Presqu’ile Park Pursuit in Brighton, a fun, race-like event. It is done with slower groups having a handicapped start as we make our way around several laps of a flat 6km course. It never disappoints. Closing out the year, we have a Year End Piano Ride. 

The club takes pride in its ability to accommodate, nurture and mentor developing riders of all ages. We are a close knit, friendly small group of dedicated cycling enthusiasts that takes pride in its members reap the benefits the club has to offer.

Why should someone join your club?

We are a small, locally based club, with a great selection of paved and gravel roads. The rural nature of the surrounding roads means lower traffic volumes than one sees in more urban centres.

What advice would you give to a cyclist looking to join a club?

Just ride your bike! When one starts out riding, there is a lot to learn. It can be an information overload! We all love to push the pedals and the therapeutic health benefits cannot be understated. You will find the right group to ride with if you just keep on riding. 

In the meantime, riding alone will teach you some basic skills. Once you get to the Club level, you can turn things up a notch. At first, when you need some tips, check the World Wide Web….there are videos for everything these days. Go to a local bike shop and see what they offer. Most shops and clubs will offer various training and maintenance clinics. The Ontario Clubs I have known over the years have always had like minded folks behind them. Check out their websites and attend a function, you will have a blast.

Describe your club in 5 words or less.

Good place to learn cycling.

For more information:

Visit Coburg Cycling Club’s Website

Coburg Cycling Club founder watching a road race finish beside the road
Coburg Cycling Club time trial race on a paved rural road
Coburg Cycling Club group ride on a paved rural road

Photos Provided By: James Barnes and Brent Aquino