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Road & Para-Cycling Rising Stars Camp applications now open

The upcoming high-performance camp and program opportunities with a team of dedicated coaches focus on aspects such as nutrition, skill development, strength and conditioning, and race tactics.

Our expert coaches understand that success in sports extends beyond raw talent and technique; it requires a holistic approach that encompasses physical fitness, mental resilience, and strategic thinking. By integrating cutting-edge training methodologies and personalized attention, our camp equips young athletes with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to excel in their athletic pursuits.

From optimizing nutrition for peak performance to refining technical skills, building strength and endurance, and mastering race strategies, our high performance camp offers a transformative experience that empowers athletes to push their boundaries and achieve greatness. Apply to embrace the unparalleled opportunities that await you on this remarkable journey of athletic growth and achievement.

Applications are now open for our Road & Para-Cycling Rising Stars Camp

ITT & Crit

Brock University / CSIO Niagara

Camp dates:
June 3-4, 2023

Camp Size:
Maximum 20 athletes (Olympic stream) 
Maximum 10 athletes (Paralympic stream)


  • David Jack – Provincial Road Coach
  • Jenny Trew – Road Coach
  • Murray Solem – Para-Cycling Coach and Mechanic
  • Kevin Iwasa-Madge – CSIO S&C / Nutritionist

Ontario Cycling will be hosting a 2-day integrated Road & Para-Cycling Rising Stars Training Camp. This camp is intended for:

  1. Aspiring U17 athletes actively competing in the Youth Cup or O-Cup races. 
  2. Para-Cyclists actively training towards performance goals.

Athlete Applications:

Athletes must complete application prior to Friday May 26 at 5pm.

Camp selections will be announced on Friday May 26th.

Tentative Schedule

Day 1 ITT Day
Location: Kottmeir Road (10-minute ride from Brock). 

  • Skills include Starts, Turns, Pacing/tactics, UCI rules
  • ITT Race Opportunity – 3.5km 
  • Nutrition talk
  • S&C session

Day 2 Crit Day 
Location: Brock Parking Lot 

  • Skills include Starts, Bumping, Cornering (do’s and don’ts), Cornering line – difference between solo and side by each, Setting up for corners, Tactics/Strategies
  • Mini Crit Race Opportunity
  • Nutrition talk
  • S&C session 

Selection Criteria and additional details for this camp can be found in the camp document. 

Please direct any questions about this project to Amber Hutchinson, OC Technical Lead.