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Cyclo-Cross – 2023 Cyclo-Cross Championships

National governing bodies hold National Cyclo-Cross Championships on an annual basis. The winner is crowned national cyclo-cross champion and wears the national cycling jersey for his/her nation in races in the same category as it was won in. This means, for example, that the winner of the Men's Under-23 category cannot wear his national champion's jersey in a Men's Elite race. […]


Track – NCIM Track League – Milton, ON

Mattamy National Cycling Centre 2015 Pan Am Blvd, Milton

Come out and test your track racing ability! Riders with a UCI Track Cycling license and race certifications are eligible to participate in our race nights which consist of sprint-specific nights, bunch racing, and even timed events. With four different ability-based categories you’ll be sure to find a group that fits. Overall race series points […]