Always In Motion

2024 Annual Meeting Update

Ontario Cycling (OC) held their 2024 Annual Meeting virtually on Thursday June 13th where the members voted for their 2024-2025 Board of Directors.  We are pleased to introduce the OC Board of Directors for 2024-2025:

·       Chair – Janice Detta Colli 

·       Vice Chair – Jeffrey Chu  

·       Secretary – Pary Bell 

·       Chair of Gov/HR – Michelle McCloskey 

·       Chair of Audit & Risk Management – Robin Porter 

·       Director at Large – Kendal Clarke 

·       Director at Large – Trish Weigel

·       Athlete Director – Siobhan Kelly

OC would like to extend a special thank you to outgoing Board Member Scott Morrison for his tireless work and ongoing support of the OC Board and Staff during his term.