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Ontario Cycling’s 2022 Year in Review

Ontario Cycling looks back on the milestones achieved as an organization in 2022, after a leadership change and the implementation of a new strategic plan and direction. The work done this past year, places the organization in a strong starting place for the fully execution of their strategic plan by 2025.

Milton, ON (February 1st, 2023) – 2022 was a transformative year for Ontario Cycling (OC) which began with a change in leadership for the organization and the development of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. The plan signified a new and exciting direction for the organization, including a focus on community building and organizational excellence . The Ontario Cycling (OC) Team focused their attention in 2022 to building out the foundation of the strategic plan through our values and vision of creating a  vibrant cycling community in Ontario with a place for everyone to ride. The annual report summarizes core milestones, that the organization has achieved in 2022.

”The OC Team is incredibly proud of the work we have done this year,” said Pam Julian, President & CEO of OC, “Our goal in 2022 was to lay a solid foundation for achieving our strategic objectives by 2025. We feel that this past year has placed us in a stronger position for being able to meet and in some cases, surpass those goals.”

“2022 was a year of significant accomplishments and change at Ontario Cycling.” said Janice Detta Colli, Chair of OC Board of Directors, “As we emerged from the pandemic, we adpated how we operated to better serve all cyclists while continuing to grow and develop as an organization. You will notice in this report that despite all the challenges we have all faced together, our passion for cycling and the opportunity to ride together was greater than ever before.”

Focus on strategic objectives in 2023

The OC Team and Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the support from our community throughout the year. We would like to thank the volunteers for their ongoing commitment and dedication to supporting our youth, the sport, and our roster of events. Due to this talented, resourceful, enthusiastic team and the volunteer community’s support of OC, we have broader representation, more member voices and a collaborative approach to the many initiatives you will find in this report.

We are looking forward to continuing our work in 2023 towards achieving our strategic objectives.  2023 will be an exciting year which will see OC taking on the management of our Ontario Cup series and and Provincial Championships, to ensure a strong athlete development pathway and a consistent framework and experience for all participants. We will continue to build on our initiatives with diversity and gender equity, and working collaboratively with our clubs to develop tools and programming, to increase our goal to create a place for everyone to ride. Together, we can create new paths and improve existing ones for all cyclists to travel.

” Cycling is not just a sport, but a lifestyle”, said Julian “By working collaboratively with our community partners, we can build a cycling community that provides access and tools for everyone who loves to experience life from the saddle”.


Ontario Cycling (OC) is the recognized Provincial Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO) for the sport of cycling in Ontario. As the PTSO, OC is the recognized authority by Cycling Canada on all aspects of cycling in Ontario, including, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Gravel, Para-Cycling, Road, Track and BMX.  


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Marketing & Communications Specialist

Ontario Cycling
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