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Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club – Club Profile

What year was your club created?


Tell us about your club.

We offer a variety of group rides including Women’s Rides, Hammer Rides, Time Trials and Cafe Destination Rides. We welcome all riders at every level!

Why should someone join your club?

We are a friendly, welcoming group and we have rides that accommodate a variety of skill level and routes, from road to gravel.

What advice would you give to a cyclist looking to join a club?

Try a club ride and get a feel for the group. If you’re out on a solo ride and have the opportunity to chat with a group (stoplights are great for that) ask about them. If you’re in York Region, come and try out a ride with us!

Describe your club in 5 words or less.

Passionate, community-oriented, welcoming.

For more information:

Visit Newmarket Eagles’ Website


Newmarket eGALS group photo of a post ride picnic, all smiling in full cycling kit
New Market Eagles group ride peloton heading towards the camera on a paved rural road
Newmarket Eagles group ride group pgoro taken beside the waterfront on their bicycles smiling

Photos Provided By: Jenny Lue, Lauren Moretto, Tanja Gutmanis