Always In Motion

OC MTB Camp in Full Swing in Victoria

Ontario Cycling’s MTB Bike camp, which started last weekend, is providing athletes early access to on-trail riding, opportunities to ride world class technical features, and off-bike lessons in living on the road. The camp is being led by Canada Games MTB Coaches Rob Holmgren and Roxy Slotegraaf who have extensive experience navigating the west coast trail systems and supported by ride leader and Team Canada athlete Gunnar Holmgren.  The week started with skills work at the Jordie Lunn Bike Park and new Gravity Zone trail systems.  With the legs warmed up, the next few days were spent riding technical features in the Thetis Lake trail network and Hartland MTB Park with efforts on line selection, body positon, and drops.

So far during the camp I have learned a lot from experienced riders that has helped me on and off the bike. During this camp, I have had to opportunity to ride more challenging terrain and push my limits as a rider. I have learned many valuable lessons so far in this camp, one of them being how to properly fuel your body and set you up for success.

On Thursday, athletes were shuttled to the beautiful Duncan area to access the extensive trail network at Mt. Tzouhalem which will provide longer climbs and an opportunity to work on descending skills.  Off the bike, athletes have participated in sport science workshops through the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific including the ever important topic of nutrition.  Next week, the camp will include Mental Performance Consultant, Judy Goss, to work with athletes and coaches on goal setting and key practices to continue support holistic athlete development. 

“I have enjoyed living with people who are experienced and learning from others”

This camp is being supported by the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario
and Cycling Canada through 94’ Forward.