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2023 UCI Road Team Registration is now open

The information regarding registration for 2023 UCI Continental Teams and UCI Women’s Continental Teams is published and ready for you to register your team. Cycling Canada (CC) will use a new CCN-based registration platform to receive all documents. The exact process is explained in a document published by CC. Please note that emailed documents will not be considered in the registration process.

Every Team Representative will receive a unique registration link the week of September 26. New teams have to provide their:


to Jen Milligan (Cycling Canada) to provide the information to the UCI to get the team profile set up. If you have not registered yet, please be aware that the deadline will be September 28 for the team registry for 2023.


The Cycling Canada lawyer will do a legal contract check to secure the eligibility of rider contracts if handed in. Sample contracts are offered by CC as well. Please upload all team information through DataRide and the new CCN-based registration platform no later than October 18, 2022.