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Ontario Performance Program – Track Cycling DTE

Ontario Cycling is now accepting applications for the Ontario Performance Program – Track Cycling Daily Training Environment, running from November 2022 through April 2023.

The Performance Program aims to enhance cycling performance as athletes navigate the transition from Junior through U23. In partnership with Cycling Canada, the Ontario Performance Program – Track DTE is based out of the Mattamy National Cycling Center in Milton, ON, and is open to identified athletes from all cycling sports.

Program Objevtives

  • Provide identified athletes with world-class training, coaching, and integrated sport science services to maximize their performance potential. 
  • Transition athletes from Provincial into National team programming with the confidence and skills to succeed. 
  • Provide opportunities to participate in multiple cycling sports and collaborate training with HP athletes across all sports. 
  • Provide opportunities to facilitate training sessions and sport science elements to the athlete’s current program (*the performance program is not a replacement for training prescribed by personal coaches). 

Track Training 

  • Access to Track training sessions, regardless of cycling focus. These sessions will be led by World-Class coaches from Cycling Canada and Ontario Cycling with evidence-based training approaches to develop aerobic capacity, leg speed, and technical efficiencies. 


Group Rides [Road/Mountain Bike] 

  • Group rides will be organized 1-2x/week while the weather permits. Rides will be appropriately programmed by ability and types of training. All athletes will be encouraged to integrate both road riding and mountain bike. 

Selection Criteria

Cycling Canada and Ontario Cycling will mutually accept athletes to the Ontario Performance Program, with significant consideration towards: 

  • Past performances and results indicating performance potential 
  • Current member of a Cycling Canada Team or Program 
  • Demonstrated commitment to training and performance development
  • Athletes with National or International race experience in any cycling sport 

Additional Criteria: 

  • U23 athletes in 2023 (with exceptions for select U19 athletes) 
  • Athletes tracking towards Cycling Canada programming or International level competition within 1-3 years 

Athletes must complete applications HERE.

Application deadline is Monday Oct 17th, 2022.

Selected athletes will be notified by Friday Oct 21st, 2022.

Please direct any questions to Amber Hutchinson.

More Information about the program.