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The “Tour de l’Avenir MaKadence” is a 5-stage event taking place from August 8th to August 11th  2019. The Quebec City region, located between the St-Lawrence river and the mountains, will be the playground of the athletes from all over North America who will race to grab the highest honors of this first edition.

While the current world situation puts a good part of the cycling season in question, the Makadence Tour de l’Avenir organization continues to work hard to see your young riders in action in our beautiful capital city. We hope with all our hearts that the situation will improve by August so that the event can be held in harmony with a peloton. As the weather is uncertain, we have decided to postpone the registration of teams until a time when we can guarantee the running of this event that is so important to us. We are open to all your questions and will try to answer them as best we can.