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For John, cycling meant an adventure, being outside, having fun, bringing in a great workout, helping other cyclists with their equipment (John’s garage was half workshop, half pro shop!), and being around like-minded people. John also took on the role of mentor/instructor within the peloton to ensure that everyone was safe and riding “properly.” He did all this while handing out a little bit of Hunter’s pain! Cycling was more than a hobby or pastime for John; it was a lifestyle that he was highly passionate about.

The 2022 ride will be a single-day event on Saturday, Sep 17th, with 250 riders. We plan to build this event into a two-day Gran Fondo, including gravel riding.

The riders will not be timed and the event is not a race. 

Groups will stagger start (i.e. no mass start). Each route will have at least one group with an Event Ambassador (Ride Leader) for those who wish to ride in an organized group.