2022 Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program [PPA] Provided By: Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited

Information on the Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program [PPA] for UCI Licence holders, Provincial Race License holders and Associate Club Members. Note the other services that members can opt into if they should choose.

PPA Program Direct Website: Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program by Gallagher

Please visit above link for fillable forms

Cycling Provincial Collective Insurance Program: 2022 Cycling Insurance Program Summary

Enhanced Personal Accident Extension Program 2022:

For those Ontario Cycling Members looking to have their individual training activities covered, members have two options to purchase into the “Personal Accident Extension Program” for additional fees to extend the Sport Accident coverage to these activities.

Option 1 – Personal Accident Extension Program – $28.39  (includes admin fee and CCN fee)

Unsanctioned training activities, including personal rides where the primary purpose is exercise or training and not travel to a specific destination

Option 2 – Personal Accident Extension Program -$120  (includes admin fee and CCN fee)

Coverage for all unsanctioned activity on the bike including, but not limited to, commuting and other activities where the primary purpose of the ride is a means of transportation to a specific destination (work, store, etc.). This would include the activities covered by Option 1 and it is not necessary to get both options.

To purchase via CCN: Annual Membership Licence*
*All existing members can add the insurance to their existing 2022 membership or license.

Brent Brandham  Vice President, Sport & Recreation
Tel: 416-408-5457
Email: [email protected]

Additional Travel Medical:  Canadian Athlete Insurance Program (CAIP)

CAIP Enrollment Form

CAIP Summary Travel Medical Coverage

CAIP Summary in Canada Coverage


For further information on program please contact:

M. Kirsch Financial Services
Tel: 514-636-5351
[email protected]


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