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Cyclo-Cross - Provincial Championships

KWCX is a cyclocross race held on private property, Bingemans. The course contains a sand pit, two short but tough gravel climbs, off-camber descents and a mixture of surfaces through a campground. The corners between the technical sections are wide and allow racers to keep their speed up. There is a double sided pit with a pressure washer. Ninety percent of the course if viewable from the start/finish area and is a short walk, making this race one of the most spectator friendly courses.

Cyclocross is a very inclusive discipline. We make sure to communicate to about mountain bikes being legal in most categories and we always try to offer one day permits to everyone to enter. Many of our volunteers are students, from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. We take the time to make sure they feel essential and they understand what the event is about and that sport is meant to be fun and inclusive.

All the funds earned go toward the annual income for the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC). The WCC donates sums of money every year to help support our local youth development team, KW Cycling Academy, and we also provide youth bursaries to assist young athletes with the costs of attending races out of province.


The course is being adjusted slightly. We’ve never had a section of the course that offered two obvious but different line choices through a technical section. We’re hoping to accomplish that by altering the sand pit.