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Ontario Cycling Launches Request for Proposals for Event Organizers and Timers for 2023 Ontario Cups & Provincial Championships

June 20, 2022

Ontario Cycling is requesting quotes from organizers and timers for each of our 2023 Ontario Cup (OCup) Road, Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross Race Series & Provincial Championships.  Each discipline series & championship event will be run as a package under the direction of Ontario Cycling.  A Request-For-Proposal (RFP) is a formal invitation which outlines the requirements to organizers and timers to provide a bid to be the assigned timer or organizer for our Ontario Cups & Provincial Championships.  Each discipline has a separate RFP for the organizer and timer. 

We wish to ensure a standard and consistency across each series and feel that this will best be done by having a dedicated organizer and timer to deliver on our requirements and expectations. 

Ontario Cup race events are used for the collection of Ontario Cup points and provide development opportunities for riders using ability-based categories. Provincial Championships are run using UCI age-based categories or ability-based, depending on the discipline, in order to align with National requirements. 

Interested Timers and Event Organizers are encouraged to review the RFP outlines for each of the three disciplines and submit their proposal for consideration by July 15th.  Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee using a weighted criteria and the awarding of the contracts will be announced by August 8th.