Getting Started

Any individual member, affiliated club, or team interested in organizing one or more provincial-level events during the following year must submit an Expression of Interest for each such event. Expressions of interest should be received by the Ontario Cycling Association’s office no later than the outlined deadline on the form, any applications sent in after that date will no be considered for the first round of date selections.

All organizers who are hosting an event must hold a UCI licence or a General Membership to the Ontario Cycling Association. If the organizer does not purchase a licence in the year applicable, their event will be immediately removed from the calendar.

The OCA’s Events Committee will review the submitted Expression of Interest forms and prepare a preliminary calendar which will be sent to all organizers who have expressed interest. Organizers must then submit an Event Permit application (available online in December) and appropriate sanction fees for the event to be placed on the race calendar. Organizers or clubs with paperwork or fees owing for either their club or previous editions of an event will not be considered for inclusion on the preliminary calendar. Commissaire reports/evaluations and race attendance of prior editions of the event will be considered when evaluating submissions.

Those events who miss the deadline to be included on the preliminary calendar are required to fill out and Event Permit form and if the event is sanctioned it will then appear on the calendar.

Contact our Events Department for more information.