Coaching – Basic Cycling Skills – Uxbridge, ON

Durham Forest 722 Chalk Lake Road, Uxbridge

Basic Cycling Skills provides an opportunity for “on-bike” practice in skill teaching and analysis, coaching, and provided lesson plans. The program is simple, based on several pre-designed lesson plans, and adaptable to participants' varying skill and ability levels. The program's focus is on having participants develop skills that are basic to MTB, BMX, and Road, in a controlled, off-road, off-trail setting such as a sports field or parking lot.

The Basic Cycling Skills course is cross-listed with the Intro to Competition & Community Initiation NCCP coaching stream.

Coaching – Road Skills & Tactics Practical – Milton, ON

Mattamy National Cycling Centre 2015 Pan Am Blvd, Milton

Instructor: Julia Farell About the Course: The skills and tactics course provides both “in-classroom” & “on-bike” learning opportunity to coaches working with newly competitive cyclists at the club level. These […]