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The 2023 Provincial Championships will return to Kelso Conservation Area to cap off the end of a great summer of racing. Located in the GTA, the Kelso Conservation Area provides an ideal framework for mountain bike events. Its unique terrain and spectacular scenery can challenge and inspire riders of all skill levels. The park’s trails offer a variety of terrains, including rocky and technical singletrack, fast and flowy descents, and steep and punchy climbs. The area’s diverse landscape also features some of the most stunning vistas in the region, including views of the Escarpment and the shimmering Kelso Lake.

Come participate in what will surely be a memorable weekend of racing at Kelso once again. Located in the GTA within a 40min drive from downtown Toronto and the majority of cyclists within the province, we hope to see one of the biggest fields of the season come out to celebrate the conclusion of the MTB season and the many provincial champions that will be crowned. Kelso has an extensive network of trails that is open to the public season-long and a wide range of trails for every ability level. Characterized by its steep climb up the escarpment/ski slopes during the winter and its dusty conditions, it was a war of attrition when provincial championships were last held at Kelso in 2018. Maintaining a big cardio engine up until this point in the season and being able to capitalize on the flowing descents will pay dividends for what is sure to be a test for all participants.

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