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Performance Partners Initiative – Tour de l’Abitibi

Ontario Cycling will be supporting Ontario Teams/Clubs planning to attend Tour de l’Abitibi this coming July.  The intention is, rather than sending an official “Team Ontario” that is limited to 6 athletes, this initiative can help more athletes and coaches gain experience at a UCI Nations Cup competition level stage race.  The amount of financial support will vary depending on several factors including level of coach certification, inclusion of female coaches, etc.  All registered Ontario teams/clubs are eligible to apply as well as an composite Ontario teams.  Ontario Cycling will also be announcing plans regarding Tour de ‘Avenir MaKadence shortly.

Performance Partners Initiative Tour de l’Abitibi


To maximize the number of athletes and coaches exposed to UCI Nations Cup competition by providing support to Ontario clubs/teams.   


  • Increase the number of coaches with stage racing and team management experience 
  • Increase quantity and quality of competition exposure opportunities for targeted athletes
  • Improve communication and collaboration among Ontario youth clubs and race teams
  • Establish athlete commitment to Team Ontario for agreed upon events in order to maximize success at showcase events


  1. Club/Team in good standing with Ontario Cycling [4 of 6 athletes attending must be Ontario Licenced]
  2. Club/Team coach must:
    1. Be minimum NCCP Introduction to Competition Trained
    2. Complete NCCP Safe Sport Module
    3. Complete CCES True Sport Module
    4. Complete/Submit a Criminal Record Check to OC within the past 3 years for all coaches involved in programming [OC can arrange for an online CRC for a cost of $25]
  3. Club/Team President/Coach must agree to adhere to the standards of practice as outlined in the OC High Performance Guidelines
  4. Club/Team athletes involved in initiative must:
    1. hold a UCI License issued by Ontario
    2. commit to racing Ontario Provincial Championships [exceptions considered when event conflicts with Cycling Canada project or athlete taper to major event]

Competition Support

  • Ontario-based clubs and teams can apply for $1,500 in support plus an additional amount based on the following table:

    Ontario licensed athlete $200/athlete
    Targeted pool/OHPSI identified athletes $350/athlete
    Ontario Intro. to Comp. Certified Coach** Male $100 Female $200
    Ontario Performance Comp. Certified Coach** $300

    Example A team with 5 Ontario licensed riders plus 1 rider that is identified within the OHPSI pool and with a coach that is NCCP Introduction to Competition Certified would be eligible for the following:   Team Support – $1,500 Ontario Athlete – $200 x 5 athletes = $1,000 OHPSI Athlete – $350 x 1 athletes = $350 Intro. Comp. Coach – $100 Total = $2,950


Team/Clubs applying for this subsidy are asked to complete the application below by June 15, 2023. You do not need to know the final athlete composition of your team at this time.  We just need to know your plans to attend the event.