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The Art of Cycling Photography with Pedal Power Photography

The world of sports photography is a vibrant area where capturing a moment in the rush of action requires more than just technical equipment; it requires an intuitive understanding of movement and a sense of timing. Nowhere is this challenge more apparent than in the cycling world, where the mixture of speed, athleticism, and adrenaline intertwine with the varied fields of play, to create a dynamic spectacle. Pedal Power Photography is at the heart of this action of bikes, tracks, trails, jumps, and riders. The small business has carved its niche by mastering the excellence of capturing the core of cycling’s thrilling energy. 

Pedal Power Photography is a Husband/Wife cycling photographer team based in Southern Ontario. Their combined love for cycling and photography was the cornerstone of Pedal Power Photography. It began when Nial Fisher was racing local weekly MTB series events. Ines (Shorty) Fisher would bring her camera and capture him in action to share on social media. When teammates at the time asked if she happened to capture them, too, Ines started to expand her attention to other riders. As more and more people started reaching out for photos, the suggestion was made for them to sell their images – and thus Pedal Power Photograph was born. The first picture they sold was to a friend training to ride a cross-Canada fundraiser event.

Since establishing Pedal Power Photography in 2016, the’ve expanded their cycling portfolio from mountain bike and into different cycling disciplines. They are on the sidelines at Track, Road, BMX, MTB, Gravel and Cyclocross events, capturing thrills challenges, and exciting victories. Since Nial and Ines are also cyclists, they often pre-ride the racecourses to find the best locations to get those favoured action shots. – They strategically don a  camouflage uniform in order to blend into the environment and not distract the participants – especially at MTB events. “This way, we get the best candid shots without spooking the racers. Even though camo isn’t 100% effective, we have captured some humorous startled faces as the racers hear the cameras shutter”, reviews Nial Fisher.

As the sun sets on the velodrome or illuminates the rugged terrain of a mountainous trail, Pedal Power Photography’s lenses strive to capture the spirit of cycling in its most exhilarating form. They attempt to capture as many racers as possible at an event, knowing how important those images are to the racer. You will see Pedal Power Photography  on-site at cycling events, capturing the moment the start gun fires, until the checkered flag is waved.  From seasoned pros to first timers, they capture memories for everyone.

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