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2023/24 End of Season Track Report

The 2023/24 Ontario Cycling (OC) Track season has officially concluded. Throughout the Ontario Cup Series and Youth Track Development Series, riders showcased outstanding dedication and skill. The infield was filled with conversation and camaraderie at each event, showing the great community we have at track. OC unveiled brand new Provincial Championships Jerseys, awarding them to the provinces best riders in each category. This series continues to demonstrate the passion for cycling within our province, as cyclists continue to compete and train year-round.

We would like to congratulate and thank all athletes who participated in the OC Track season events on their accomplishments. Ontario Cycling is happy to share our end of season Track report, which provides a summary of the overall season, including participant feedback and financials.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the clubs, officials, and volunteers who made the events this past season possible. Without them, the 2023/24 Track Series and Provincial Championships would not have been possible. We are grateful for their continued commitment to making these events a success and for their invaluable contribution to the cycling community.

We hope that every cyclist who participated this year had a great experience, and that we will see you again next season.