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OCWW Special: Fast and Female Power Hour

Sports have the power to transform lives, instill confidence, and empower individuals. Fast and Female, a Canadian charity founded by Olympic gold medalist Chandra Crawford, embodies this belief by providing young girls with opportunities to engage in sports and experience the positive impact it can have on their lives. With its mission to inspire girls to stay active in sports and develop a lifelong love for physical activity, Fast and Female has been making a significant difference in the lives of countless young athletes across the country.

The Fast and Female Power Hour Camp: A Day of Sports and Empowerment

One of the flagship initiatives of Fast and Female is the Fast and Female Power Hour camp. This program brings together girls between the ages of 8 and 14 for an exciting day filled with sports, learning, and empowerment. The Power Hour camp focuses on providing a fun and inclusive environment where girls can try out different sports, receive coaching from accomplished athletes, and participate in various confidence-building activities.

Meet Ruby West: National Team Cyclist and Inspiring Camp Host

At the heart of the Power Hour camp are the inspiring athlete ambassadors who host the events. One such remarkable ambassador is Ruby West, a national team cyclist and a rising star in the Canadian cycling scene. Ruby’s passion for cycling and dedication to promoting the sport among young girls make her a perfect fit for Fast and Female.

Ruby West’s journey in cycling has been nothing short of impressive. She has represented Canada at numerous international competitions, including the UCI Cyclocross World Championships. Ruby’s drive, determination, and positive attitude make her an incredible mentor and motivator for the young girls attending the Power Hour camp. Her presence and personal experiences inspire participants to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

A Day of Sports, Learning, and Empowerment

During the Fast and Female Power Hour camp, girls have the opportunity to engage in various sports activities, from cycling to cross-country skiing to speed skating. The camp is designed to expose them to different disciplines and encourage them to explore their athletic abilities. Through interactive sessions, the girls learn valuable skills, including goal setting, teamwork, and building self-confidence.

Beyond the sports activities, the Power Hour camp incorporates educational sessions on important topics such as nutrition, mental health, and the importance of female representation in sports. These discussions aim to empower girls beyond the realm of athletics, equipping them with knowledge and tools to navigate various aspects of their lives with confidence and resilience.

Creating a Supportive Community and Lasting Impact

The Fast and Female Power Hour camp is an experience that goes far beyond just a day of sports. It creates a supportive community where girls can connect with like-minded peers, form new friendships, and be part of a movement that champions the power of female athletes. The impact of the camp extends well beyond the event itself, as the girls carry the lessons and inspiration they receive into their everyday lives.

Fast and Female’s commitment to empowering girls through sports is changing lives, one camp at a time. By providing opportunities for girls to engage in sports, learn valuable life skills, and be inspired by remarkable athlete ambassadors like Ruby West, Fast and Female is shaping a generation of confident, strong, and determined young women. Through the Fast and Female Power Hour camp, girls are encouraged to embrace their athletic potential, pursue their dreams, and become the next generation of leaders in sports and beyond.