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OC Women’s Month Profile – Rebecca Christensen

As a fixture in the Peterborough cycling community, Rebecca Christensen is the driving force behind the growth and prominence of local women’s and youth cycling programs and clinics. Rebecca’s passion to see others succeed in the sport of cycling is evident.

What began with Rebecca, her husband Kai and three kids’ dedication for cycling evolved to her becoming a prominent board member of the Peterborough Cycling Club (PCC). Rebecca has led the planning and execution of the Wild Rock Outfitters Women’s 100km ride, many local clinics and PCC Dirt Squad youth programming for several years. She was also selected as one of the Trek Women’s Cycling advocates in 2015-2018.

When not volunteering or cycling with family and friends, Rebecca works as a mathematics professor at Fleming College and is completing her Master of Mathematics for Educators from University of Waterloo.


How long have you been cycling?

During university, I started working for a female operated bike shop. I didn’t know anything about bikes, but I had a good understanding of customer service and sports from working at a Running shoe store. I bought my first mountain bike while working at the bike shop in 2003. I fell in love with cycling as it was something I could do for fun after spending many years training seriously for track and field. I took up road riding in 2008 and later started racing cyclocross in 2015. I love all types of cycling – you can never have enough bikes.


What drew you to coaching?

In 2012, I attended my first Women’s Weekend at Joyride 150. Through this experience, I realized the impact of riding in a women’s only setting. I improved my cycling skills immensely through watching other women ride and the amazing coaching that was offered that weekend.

Around this same time, along with others in the community I realized there was a gap in offerings for kids to have opportunities to improve their biking skills. I started running local clinics (MTB, CX, Road) and rides in the Peterborough area through PCC and Wild Rock Outfitters. These events have increased cyclists’ skills and the sense of community by gathering locals to learn and have fun riding bikes together.


What’s your favourite part about coaching?

I absolutely love providing kids with a fun and safe environment to improve their skills on a bike. Many kids that grow to love mountain biking don’t have parents that can bring them out. PCC’s Dirt Squad program has grown to a group with 60 kids learning skills in a small group setting each week all Spring. My favourite part of coaching youth is seeing how proud they are of themselves when they learn something new.


What advice would you give to other women about getting into coaching?

Give it a try and find a great mentor to work with and learn from. Take some coaching courses to develop your ability to explain skills, maneuvers, and tactics. You will get as much out of coaching as you put into it.


What’s your dream bike?

I can’t pick just one but I am pretty excited about my new Cervelo ZFS-5 XC bike that I’ll be racing this season!

A woman in full cycling kit, helmet and sunglasses riding past the camera smiling, graphic reads Rebecca Christensen

Photo By: Jeff Faulds