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Join the HopOn instructor team in 2024

Are you an aspiring coach, former cyclist or community member that’s eager to develop the next generation of youth cyclists from your community? If so, we invite you to join us as we expand our HopOn instructor team in 2024. We firmly believe that instructors and coaches play a pivotal role in creating meaningful experiences and provide opportunities for youth to participate in sport. 

What is HopON

HopOn is Cycling Canada’s game-based program designed to develop a series of on-bike cycling skillsIn 2023, Ontario Cycling delivered the program to more than 700 participants through 40+ programs. With 5 varying levels of skill development, the program is adaptable to meet the needs & demands of the participants in the group. This program has developed the skills of youth who just graduated from training wheels to participants almost comfortable to ride the trails with their families or local club. 

What We Look for in Coaches

We value a diverse team of instructors with various specialties and backgrounds. All instructors must complete a selection of NCCP training courses, as well as the HopOn eLearning module and in-person orientation. Overall, there are six courses/modules to complete: 

  • NCCP Cycling Foundations eLearning (available online; 45 minutes) 
  • NCCP Emergency Action Planning eLearning (available online; 15 minutes) 
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions & Quiz (available online; 5 hours) 
  • NCCP Cycling Practice Planning (in-person OR online; register through your provincial cycling association; 2 x 2 hours) 
  • NCCP: Basic Cycling Skills (in-person; register through your provincial cycling association; 8 hours) 
  • HopOn eLearning (register through your provincial cycling association; 4 hours) 
  • HopOn Orientation (in-person; register through your provincial cycling association; 8 hours) Times. 

Perks of Joining Our Team

A Supportive Community: Our instructor team is more than just a group of individuals; it’s a supportive community. We provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and professional development. 

Access to Resources: You’ll have access to our extensive library of coaching resources, tools, and best practices to enhance your coaching sessions. 

Club Promotion: We will help support the youth capacity within your club by hosting HopOn programs within your community. These youth programs will be promoted through our marketing channels & community partners. 

Competitive Compensation: Our coaches are compensated fairly and receive competitive rates for their services, making coaching with us a financially rewarding endeavor. 

“Just wanted to reach out and say that now that I’ve done the HopOn Instructor course and ran a few sessions, that you guys nailed it when you developed the program.  The improvements we see in riders not from one session to the next but during the session is amazing, and the flexibility/ progressions, one let us be super creative and two allow us to teach the skills to riders with a varying level of abilities in the same group.  Thanks for all the work you and your people did on the program, GHCH is fully behind HopOn” 

“Being a HopOn Instructor through Ontario Cycling has been a joy this year.  Working with under serviced youth in the Hamilton area has been a very rewarding experience.  The youth come from all levels of experience, but to see their smiles when they successfully complete a new skill is the best part of working them.”  

“HopOn is a great program for youth to be active and have fun. Being a part of HopOn in Malton was really fun and it was a great way to connect with younger participants. We taught the basics of teaching kids how to be comfortable on their bike. This was a great way to keep the kids active and to keep kids off the video games when they can go out for a bike ride and enjoy the weather.” 

How to Apply

If you’re interested in the HopOn program & would like to learn more about becoming an instructor, please reach out to Alex Roger for more information.