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Dusty Nostril

The 1st annual Dusty Nostril is all about the camaraderie, sportsmanship and the gritty, hard-core enjoyment of riding with friends. The Dusty Nostril is a personal or team challenge to complete as many laps as possible. 

3 riders cycling towards the camera on a gravel road with design element squares around them. Title reads Gravel.

The Dusty Nostril will provide a free morning breakfast of pancakes to get you started, on course support for the riders and an awesome facility that welcomes families and friends. Whether riding just for fun, or competing for a podium spot in your category, the Dusty Nostril will be a memorable experience. Using some pristine gravel roads in Perth County along with the G2G rail trail will offer an 8hr experience of a lifetime. 

All riders can ride the course at their own pace. Faster riders who want a good workout can put in more laps and ride more distance while slower riders can ride at their pace without feeling like they are holding anyone up. When your team is out riding, you can relax, swim in the pool and hang out in the infield watching other riders and friends come around to the start/finish area.