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Like its inspiration, the 33rd Ottawa Valley Paris-Roubaix Cyclosportif mixes well paved roads with abominations. The route includes mud, gravel, sand, rocks, unmaintained roads, woodlots and one switchback climb. The classic route is about 80 kilometres. A shorter 40 km is an option for riders and includes 3 woodlots. Note: Riders aged 11 to 16 (turning 11 to 16 in 2024) are eligible to ride only the 40 km route, and must have an adult riding with them, or be in a preorganized group with at least one adult. U19 riders (turning 17 or 18 in 2024) may ride the long course.

This is a cyclosportif ride, not a race. The roads are open to other users. All traffic laws, including stopping at stop signs and staying to the right, apply to all riders at all times. Marshals may stop or delay riders for safety reasons. Any rider who disobeys their instructions will be immediately removed from the event.

There will be no motorized support, partly because some of the roads are not passable for motor vehicles. We strongly recommend that riders choose cycling equipment for its robustness, not its lightness. Any kind of bicycle may be used, although gravel/cyclocross bikes with large section road tires (at least 28 mm wide) are generally the best choice. Fixed gear bicycles must be equipped with at least a front working brake as is required under the Highway Traffic Act. Tribars are not allowed – you can’t go all Ted King here. It is each rider’s personal responsibility to ensure that their bicycle is legal and safe for road use in Ontario.

All riders must carry a working pump and at least two spare inner tubes. Tubular tire users should have at least two spare tires or one tire and an aerosol patching inflator. A cell phone is an excellent item to carry for calling for help if necessary.

Helmets are required at all times, including during warm-up.

For the safety of other riders and to avoid congestion, personal or team following vehicles are not permitted. Any riders or members of teams who violate this rule will be disqualified.

The only store along the route that might be open is at Clayton, but it is very close to the finish. Some riders will take nearly 4 hours to complete the ride, so riders must carry sufficient food and drink for their ride. Note: due to the rough route, be sure that your water bottles and pumps are well affixed to you and/or your bike.