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Provincial Championships

New for 2023: Ontario rIders are required to race at least (1) CX OCup to participate at Provincials (if for sufficient reason a rider cannot attend an OCup, they can request an exemption via the form linked here in order to participate at Provincials)

Refund Policy

  • A rider must withdraw prior to the registration closing to be eligible to receive a refund. Once the registration period has ended, refunds are no longer available. 

  • All refunds are subject to a non-refundable processing fee (variable based on transaction value) plus a CCN refund administration fee. 

  • If an athlete withdraws from an event on race day, they are not eligible for a refund and the rider must inform the President of the Commissaire Panel of their withdrawal. Failure to notify the President may result in a fine. 

  • OC reserves the right to issue refunds in other rare and exceptional cases. Injury, loss/change of employment, or a move away from town such that the participant can no longer attend, will not be considered.