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2024 UCI Continental Teams and UCI Women’s Continental Teams

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has the pleasure of sending you the new instructions for the registration of UCI Continental Teams and UCI Women’s Continental Teams for the 2024 season. The attached instruction manual contains the information you will need to properly register teams with the UCI.

Please find attached information regarding registration for 2024 UCI Continental Teams and UCI Women’s Continental Teams. Once you confirm your intent to register a team a link will be provided to you to start uploading your documents. Please do not email any documents as they will all need to be uploaded to the CCN registration platform. Once we receive the documents, we will send over the contracts to our lawyer and accountant to review. Please note in the information package new requirements by Cycling Canada.

Please contact Cycling Canada no later than September 28 if you intend to register a team for 2024.

For all new teams please send me the following information as soon as possible so I can send this information to the UCI so they can open a profile and send the login details to you:

  • Team name
  • Team contact person
  • Team email

Rider contracts

We are also asking all teams to send us a copy of their rider contracts so our lawyer can look it over and let you know if anything will need to be changed.  We do have a sample contract we can also provide you if you are interested.


For 2024 Cycling Canada has decided to continue the UCI Team registration process online to centralize it in one location. 

Some forms will need to be submitted as a Zip Folder. You can learn how to make of these here (PC) or here (Mac). This is easy to do and should only take 30s to learn.

Payment will now be processed through CCN, which will have a processing fee. If you wish to pay using a physical cheque please contact us to coordinate, and we will provide you with a code to bypass the payment and which will allow you to submit the registration.

Please make sure to upload all your team information through DataRide and our new registration platform no later than October 18, 2023.