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New Coach Conference Speaker Confirmed: Greg Lewandowski

Concurrent Training

Greg Lewandowski

Concurrent training, which integrates both strength and endurance workouts in a structured manner, is a well-established approach for improving cycling performance. Nonetheless, creating an efficient concurrent training program requires a thorough understanding of the complex interplay between strength and endurance. In this presentation, we will delve into the mechanisms that may lead to interference, explore the key considerations for planning concurrent training blocks, and offer practical applications along with real-world examples to create optimized training plans.

Cycling Torque Development – Putting Theory into Practice

Greg Lewandowski & Stephen McMullan

Torque plays a pivotal role in enhancing on-bike performance, which can be cultivated both in the gym and during on-bike training. In this presentation, we will explore the significant impact of torque on cycling performance, covering aspects such as power, endurance, and efficiency. Our discussion will explore the connection between torque and pedaling efficiency, its effects on the cardiovascular system, and its implications for metabolic cost. Additionally, we will address how profiling can offer valuable insights for tailoring training programs. The primary objective of this presentation is to bridge the gap between theory and practical application

BIO: Greg Lewandowski

Greg is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is also a High-Performance Certified Member of Sport Scientist Canada. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience working with various sports at the provincial, national, and international levels, including wheelchair rugby, sailing, figure skating, and cycling. Currently, Greg serves as a strength and conditioning coach at the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, where he works with the National Track Endurance teams of Cycling Canada.