Always In Motion

Ed Sitarski named Off-Road Provincial Lead Commissaire for 2023-2025

After 4 years of serving as the Off-Road Provincial Lead, Jeff Kerton’s appointment has come to an end. Ontario Cycling would like to thank Jeff for all of his hard work in providing guidance to the Off-Road committee, the Ontario Cycling office, and Ontario Cycling Official’s Committee.

Beginning in January 2023, Ed Sitarski will take on the role of Off-Road Provincial Lead, as one of 4 members of the Ontario Cycling Official’s Committee. Ed is no stranger to the Official’s Committee, having been the Road and Track lead for many years. He is an Elite National MTB commissaire as well as a National CX commissaire and hopes to leverage his experience at the Provincial level. Ontario Cycling would like to give a warm welcome back to Ed Sitarski and looks forward to working together with him.