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Ontario Cycling Welcomes The Biking Lawyer LLP

Ontario Cycling is thrilled to announce a new partnership between Ontario Cycling and The Biking Lawyer LLP, a leading law firm specializing in cycling law in Ontario. This exciting collaboration aims to strengthen Ontario Cycling’s commitment to promoting cycling awareness and supporting the growth of the sport throughout the Province.

At Ontario Cycling, we understand the importance of expertise and advocacy in ensuring a safe and thriving cycling community. The Biking Lawyer LLP brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping individual cyclists with personal injury claims, insurance matters, and cycling-related legal advice. The Biking Lawyer also has a demonstrated commitment in advocating for the safety of the broader Ontario cycling community through relentless advocacy and supporting groups like the Toronto Bike Brigade.

By joining forces with The Biking Lawyer LLP, Ontario Cycling aims to:

  • Enhance Legal Support: The Biking Lawyer LLP will provide invaluable legal guidance and support to our members, offering assistance and expertise in matters related to cycling safety, regulations, and personal injury claims.
  • Promote Cycling Awareness: Together, we will work towards increasing public awareness about cycling as a sport, recreational activity, and means of transportation. Through joint campaigns, educational initiatives, and community outreach programs, we aim to foster a culture that embraces cycling and empowers cyclists across the nation.
  • Strengthen the Cycling Community: The partnership between Ontario Cycling and The Biking Lawyer LLP is rooted in a shared vision of supporting and growing the cycling community in Canada. By collaborating on events, workshops, and initiatives, we will empower cyclists, promote inclusivity, and advocate for better cycling infrastructure and policies.

The expertise and passion that that the team at The Biking Lawyer brings, will be an added value piece for our members. The work that they do for the cycling community aligns strongly with our mission to build & connect Ontario's cycling community to support all cyclists in their passion for the sport - which includes the creation of safe spaces and cyclist-friendly communities.

Together, united, the cycling community will make roads safer and encourage countless people to get on bikes across the province. By joining forces with Ontario Cycling, we hope to support their impressive efforts to make cycling more accessible and ensure the sport of cycling thrives!

Ontario Cycling is confident this partnership will bring immense value to OC members and the broader cycling community. Together with The Biking Lawyer LLP, Ontario Cycling strives to ensure that cyclists have access to the legal resources and support they need while working towards a safer and more cyclist-friendly environment across the Province.

To learn more about The Biking Lawyer LLP and their services, please visit their website at Stay tuned for upcoming collaborations and exciting opportunities arising from this partnership!

Please contact Ontario Cycling at [email protected] for any inquiries or further information.