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OCWW Special: LIV Cycling Canada and The MTB Exchange

Back in February 16th, 2021 – Liv Cycling Canada, the company who’s dedicated to the progression of women’s cycling, partnered with The MTB Exchange, a “ride sharing” initiative that puts emphasis on connecting women mountain bikers in Ontario. With 22 participating women mountain biking clubs in 2023, the program facilitates social rides at different cycling hubs across the province. Giving the opportunity for riders to explore different trail networks, develop skills, make new riding friends, and support local trail associations. Working closely with The MTB Exchange, each host club is responsible for choosing routes to accommodate different levels of skills, showcasing the best trails in their region, and ensuring the best experience possible for the participants. This program is open to anyone who identifies as female. Participants are required to be comfortable riding their bikes distances varying from 10-25 kms, and to pick the right group according to their skills and fitness level. Each ride will be followed by a social gathering, sometimes featuring local businesses. Most rides will be split in four different groups:

  • STOUT = Competitive – Longer distance, faster pace, blue/black trails.
  • I.P.A = Advanced – Social pace, blue/black trails.
  • PILSNER = Intermediate – Weekend warriors, social pace, blue trails.
  • RADLER = Novice – Beginner riders, but not new to cycling altogether


“Liv Cycling Canada is honored to partner with The MTB Exchange. Our programs in Canada have always focused on growing the cycling community and bringing women together,” says Vanessa Lebrun, Brand Specialist at Liv Cycling Canada. “That’s exactly what the MTB Exchange is all about. Through this program, we’re hoping to invite more women in the sport, but also to give them a sense of empowerment, to have them commit to themselves and feel inspired by the women around them – while being an inspiration to others.”

The MTB Exchange was launched in 2020 with a limited calendar, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. “I started this initiative to connect women mountain bikers, creating a platform that would encourage them to ride outside their home trail networks; while bridging the gap between lady social ride groups found at these different HUBS across the province. I noticed that the perception of mountain biking as “hard-core” was deterring women from participating, even if they were competent riders, and mountain biking requires a “place” to participate. For many women, especially in dense urban environments, that means traveling to facilities that are often miles away from home. Mountain biking can be scary, and for women getting lost can affix added anxiety.

Imagine arriving at a new trail and meeting the local women’s club to show you around, taking you right to the good stuff while fostering communication and trust. With more women looking to mountain biking for recreation and the amazing network of already existing women’s ride clubs in Ontario. There has been an explosion of interest in riders wanting to take part in The MTB Exchange, and women’s clubs wanting to host a guided ride date. 

With that has come a need for some essential equipment to aid in the continued success for our program as we grow. The MTB Exchange is a non-profit private club, with sponsorships and collaborations such as our Liv Cycling partnership and resources and support from our communities. This will help us provide a consistent and safe biking environment for all our riders. By providing assets such as hip packs with UHF radios and trails side repair & first aid for the leads. Collectively we are helping to cultivate a bike culture of confidence and empowerment for women. Which ultimately leads to even more opportunities to ride outside of one’s comfort zone. All the while meeting new friends and gaining the courage needed to ride bikes in any environment!” Manda Freyman/ The MTB Exchange.


About Liv Cycling Canada
Liv is the only comprehensive cycling brand in the world dedicated solely to women. Founded in 2008 by Giant executive Bonnie Tu as part of the Giant Group, Liv creates innovative bicycles and gear to fit and perform at the highest level. Liv aims to empower all female riders from beginners to pros. With a global team of retailers, athletes and events, plus a growing online presence focused on riding skills, bike maintenance, nutrition, travel, and other experiences –Liv strives to support the community and be the number one resource for women cyclists around the world.

Media Contact:
Vanessa Lebrun, Liv Cycling Canada
(236) 471-0827 or [email protected]

The MTB Exchange
Manda Freyman, Founder
(519) 982-7127 or [email protected]