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OCWW Special: Empowering Communities through Cycling – Bike Brampton

Empowering Communities through Cycling

Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS) and BikeBrampton have come together to address the need for a Community Cycling Program in Brampton and Caledon. With their combined expertise and community-based cycling program experience, they are well-equipped to meet the requirements outlined in the tender documentation.

BikeBrampton's Role in the Pilot Program

BikeBrampton volunteers played a significant role in collaborating with Peel Region Public Works, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), and other community partners to develop and implement the “Community Based Pilot Program for Active Transportation.” They were instrumental in creating the Pedalwise cycling mentorship program and the BikeWrx do-it-yourself bike repair program. Although the pilot program concluded in 2015, the commitment of BikeBrampton volunteers remained.

With Sonia Maset, a dynamic cycling enthusiast and educator, the Brampton Biking Hub has a dedicated community program coordinator to bridge the gap between organizational goals and the practical tasks that brings them to life. Sonia runs the show as the driving force behind the bike hub, ensuring its smooth operation and impactful initiatives.

The Relaunch and Success of the Brampton Bike Hub

Recognizing the potential of the pilot program, BikeBrampton, PCHS, and Vélo Canada Bikes joined forces in 2016. They secured funding from the Federal Government’s Department of Environment and Climate Change and relaunched the Pedalwise and BikeWrx programs as part of the Brampton Bike Hub in December 2017, with the endorsement of Peel Public Works. In 2018, PCHS and BikeBrampton were awarded the contract to deliver the Community Cycling Program in Brampton and Caledon by the Region of Peel. The Brampton Bike Hub has achieved significant success over its five years of operation.

With a passion for cycling and a commitment to community empowerment, Sonia wears many hats. From applying for grants and writing reports to rolling up her sleeves and teaching individuals how to make repairs at the hub, she embodies the spirit of hands-on leadership. Not only does she excel in the administrative aspects of running the bike hub, but she also takes joy in leading rides, sharing her enthusiasm for cycling with others.

Continuing the Journey

The Need for Additional Funding: As the Brampton Bike Hub enters its fifth year, it requires additional funding to sustain its operations beyond the spring of 2023. The continued success of the programs depends on securing the necessary financial support to serve the community effectively.

With Sonia at the helm, the bike hub thrives as a vibrant and transformative space, bridging the gap between organizational goals and the daily tasks that bring about positive change. Her commitment to empowering communities through cycling serves as an inspiration to all who cross paths with the Brampton and Caledon Bike Hub..

Exploring Brampton's Social Rides

 The Brampton Bike Hub organizes social rides that span distances of 5 to 15 kilometers. These rides primarily take place on recreational trails, low-density collectors, and residential roads. Starting at Vivian Lane in downtown Brampton, the rides are designed to accommodate all participants, ensuring inclusivity and a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

To participate in social rides, workshops, and DIY repair appointments, registration links can be found through the first three links provided in the bike hub Linktree, offering convenient access to all the necessary information and sign-up options.

Empowering Communities

Through the partnership between PCHS and BikeBrampton, the Community Cycling Program in Brampton and Caledon has flourished, empowering communities and promoting active transportation. The success of the Brampton Bike Hub and its programs serves as a testament to the dedication and collaboration of these organizations. With additional funding, they can continue making a positive impact on the community and inspiring more individuals to embrace cycling as a means of transportation and recreation.