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OC Women’s Month Profile – Scheherazade Haque

Scheherazade is one of our wonderful community coaches, who supports programming at the Milton Velodrome with NCIM and with Golden Horseshoe Cycling Club’s youth programming. She is a HopOn Instructor and has just become a pilot for our Ontario Cycling Program with the School for the Blind at the Velodrome.  She loves coaching beginners and helping riders build their confidence both on and off the bike.


How long have you been cycling?

I’m a lifelong cyclist! I went to a university town where everyone got around by bike. I got my first road bike in 2014 and started racing the following year.


What drew you to coaching?

When I did my track certification at MNCC I had all female coaches; that was such a novelty to me and really put the idea in my head. The encouragement of coaches I knew helped me to take that first step.


Woman in a cycling helmet, sunglasses and jacket smiling towards the camera with a blue sky and grassy beachfront in the background
Woman in full cycling kit, road cycling with a grassy field behind

What’s your favourite part about coaching?

I love witnessing that “Aha!” moment where a rider picks up a new skill or pushes their boundaries to do something they found scary or difficult.


What advice would you give to other women about getting into coaching?

Everyone has something unique to offer and I would love to see more women coaching! We need more diverse perspectives in coaching, and we need the next generation of riders to be exposed to a range of coaches.


What’s your favourite ride snack?

Nothing beats a cold ice cream on a hot ride.