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OC Women’s Month Profile – Sasha Gollish

Sasha Gollish is a Canadian international athlete, high performance coach and engineer. She works in the Mental Health and Physical Activities Research Centre (MPARC) at the University of Toronto in Canada. She won 1500m bronze at the Pan American Games in 2015 and in 2023 she ran for Canada at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest in the marathon and World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga in the half marathon. She’s part of the Morning Glory Cycling Club where she supports the Board of Directors through their work in advocacy, DEI, and gender equity. 


How long have you been cycling?

I mean, my parents had me riding bikes from about the time I could walk, so give our take 40 years. Bicycles were a formative part of my life, from being physically active as a family, as a mode of transportation, and a way to connect with community. 


What drew you to getting involved with Morning Glory Cycling Club?

The community. What a better way to share our city than with like-minded people.


What’s your favorite part about volunteering and running these events for women?

Sharing in the freedom it is to ride a bike. At MGCC we believe in getting more butts on bikes. When I see a woman get on a bike and find her sense of freedom my heart fills with so much love and gratitude. 


What advice would you give to other women about getting involved?

It can be really intimidating to get into cycling, from the cost to the time it takes to get in a ride, but I promise it’s worth it. Whether you ride bikes to spend more time with your family, use it to commute, or as a form of movement and exercise, when you break down the barriers and get on a bike, a whole new world opens up to you. 


What’s favourite type of ride?

Great question! I don’t think I have a favourite type of ride. All types of rides have so many benefits that I love and find joy in doing. Any time I get on a bike I find a new sense of freedom, and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. 

Woman waving to the camera with sunglassed atop her head wearing striped track and field kit and bib