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OC Women’s Month Profile – Rosa Phillip

A member of Midweek cycling club for 10 years, Rosa Phillip coaches’ new riders of all ages how to ride comfortably in a pack and eventually how to race in their Learn-To Race program. When she’s not riding a bike, she works as a medical lab technologist in Pathology at The Hospital for Sick Children. 


How did you get involved with cycling and why were you interested in becoming a commissaire?

I started cycling in 2012 as rehab after knee surgery. When I started to ride more, I decided I liked going fast; I took up racing the following year. I’ve been racing for about 10 years now and in the last couple of years, I’ve had some thoughts about becoming a commissaire. Knowing the rules helps with racing, and it’s also good to get a different perspective on the sport and to give back to the community.


What do you enjoy most about being a commissaire?

I honestly think it’s exciting. From being on the finish line stage or from the follow car, I can get a vantage point of the race that isn’t seen from a racer or spectator view. 


You are currently Provincial level C in road and gravel. Do you have long term goals for your officiating career? 

Right now, I just want to gain knowledge and experience from all the great commissaires we have here in Ontario. Then eventually I’d like to move up to B and A level commissaire. Becoming a National level commissaire would be pretty great as well. I’d also like to one day start track commissairing. Track is the discipline I’m most familiar with so I think I could do well there.


What advice would you give to someone who might want to become a commissaire?

Definitely go for it. You will learn so much more about the sport, and work with great people.


You are one of our first commissaires to have completed the General Commissaire Course. Can you tell us a little bit about the process and how you are enjoying your commissaire experience so far?

It was a straightforward process to become a commissaire. I did some online modules with Ontario Cycling and then I did the Cycling Canada Provincial C introductory course in Road. After that, I went to Ontario Road provincials last year to do my 2 technical assistant positions and that was it. I’m looking forward to commissairing this summer at some road races.

Woman smiling in facing the camera from the shoulders up wearing a time trial cycling helmet with the velodrome track in the background