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OC Women’s Month Profile – Newmarket eGals

Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club has a dedicated women’s division in their cycling club, the Newmarket eGals!  The group has been steadily growing over the years and continues to see new members signing up for their women’s only activities each year. 

With a goal of instructing and inspiring female cyclists of all abilities to get out and ride more confidently in a safe and inclusive environment, they have made it their mission to provide equal opportunities for women to gain riding confidence on the roads in and around York Region. They offer more than rides though! There are clinics on bike maintenance, cycling tips, bike handling and group riding skills. 

They have a dedicated ride on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer with an average pace of 24-26km/hour depending on the route, distance, and ride objective.

To learn more, please visit their website at, or visit them on Instagram @newmarketeGALS.

Tracey Band posing on her bicycle in full road cycling kit, sunglasses and helmet

Tracey Band

Tracey is a dedicated cyclist who, when she’s not on her bike, is balancing a successful career with family time and her love of the outdoors. She is one of the many amazing women who organize and lead rides and activities for the eGals!

How long have you been cycling?  

I have ridden a bike since I was a kid. Remember banana seats and riding double? That was me :). I bought my first road bike 11 years ago and really came to appreciate cycling around 2015.

What drew you to getting involved with Newmarket Eagles?  

I had tried riding with a few other groups. The first one was intimidating and not a good fit. I enjoyed the camaraderie and social aspect of subsequent groups, and thought it would be fantastic if a women’s group existed. Thankfully, I found the Eagles and they had women’s rides mentioned on their site, led by the eGals.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering and running these events for women? 

Seeing the pure joy on someone’s face when they’ve accomplished something they didn’t think they could.  That never gets old.  Conquering a hill or a distance is a real confidence booster and that carries over into other parts of your life.

What advice would you give to other women about getting involved?  

I know it can be scary to join a group and the first one you try may not be a good fit but don’t give up.  If you’re out on a solo ride and have the opportunity to chat with a group (stoplights are great for that) ask about them. If you’re in York Region, come and try out a ride with us!

What’s favourite type of ride?  

I love the distance and scenery of a long social ride. I am not the stereotypical recreational rider in that I’m not a fan of the bakery/coffee rides. Stopping in the middle makes it hard for me to get my groove back. Having said that, I can’t say I’ve ever regretted a ride after it’s done.

Mara Lippa

Mara is the Lead Library Technician for YRDSB, physically active, gym rat, runner, and passionate road cyclist. She is 59 years young, has been married for 37 years and is Mom to three boys.

What drew you to get involved with the Newmarket Eagles?

Joined the NECC in 2018 and this has been the best decision of my athletic journey. I joined the eGals and they made me feel welcomed and encouraged.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering and running these events for women? 

The group rides are exciting and challenge one’s own ability, but the dynamics of the group keeps me coming back for another ride be it road or gravel.

 What advice would you give to other women about getting involved?  

Just start! Don’t be intimidated, you’ll find your level of comfort and grow from there!

Mara triumphantly lifting bicycle over-head on the beach
Nancy smiling in a selfie during a road cycle

Nancy Lean

Nancy Lean has been with the Newmarket Eagles and eGALS for approximately ten years. After suffering multiple injuries in accidents, cycling has become her passion. It has given her physical strength to support her injuries, a positive outlook on life and an amazing community of strong women and great friends.

How long have you been cycling?

I have been cycling most of my life but avidly for the past 10 years. 

What drew you to getting involved with Newmarket Eagles?

I joined the Newmarket Eagles because I wanted to increase my skills and abilities and learn to group ride. They then created the eGALS, a women’s only club, that gave me the confidence to push myself further. Cycling with these clubs has given me a community of friends and the confidence in cycling I never thought I would have. 

What’s your favorite part about volunteering and running these events for women?

I have become a ride leader and help coach new riders. I love seeing women supporting women and achieving amazing goals. 

What advice would you give to other women about getting involved?

Cycling is a welcoming and inclusive sport with so many levels and types of riding. Once you decide why type of riding you want to do, invest in a really good bike fit/setup. Being comfortable on your bike will ensure your enjoyment for every ride. 

What’s favourite type of ride?

I love them all!  Some days a long solo ride soothes the soul and other days and fast group ride, or a sociable coffee ride hits the spot!  Just ride!