Always In Motion

OC Women’s Month Profile – Marcia & Alison Tupling

Marcia and Alison Tupling are a wonderful example of how sport can bring a family closer!

Marcia is a full-time HR Business Partner with Scotiabank and married with two very athletic teenagers (of which Alison is one!).  She enjoys getting outside and being active for work.

Alison is 15 years old and has been participating in sports for as long as she can remember with her main sport being all-star cheerleading. But she also does cross country running, track and rugby at school and has now taken up track cycling.


How long have each of you been cycling & what drew you to the track? 

Marcia: Through the 2023 RBC Training Ground, my daughter was identified by Cycling Canada, and I spent several months at the velodrome watching her ride the track. I checked options for adults and saw the women’s certification program. I always tell my kids to try new things so thought I should take my advice and give it a try. Much as I have ridden a bike most of my life, I never would have called myself a cyclist. After my first night of track cycling in September 2023, I was hooked! As was described to me the first night, ‘It’s like a roller coaster. You’ll want to go again! You’ll be back!’  And she was right. I was surprised how safe and welcoming the track was and how encouraging the other cyclists are. 

Alison: I have been cycling for 10 months. I first learned about it after attending the RBC Training Ground Testing in March of 2023. I was given the opportunity to try Track Cycling after being identified for my endurance score at the testing. I like the track because it is a safe and comfortable environment year-round which I feel makes it easier to connect with people than on the road.


What do you like about having a shared interest and/or hobby together?

Marcia: Sharing this sport with my daughter has been an amazing journey! We compare stories, what worked, what was hard and discuss different ways to push ourselves more. It is such a thrill to see how fast you can go and how much progress you have made. We are so fortunate to have this incredible facility available to us.

Alison: Once the RBC sessions were over my mom decided to try it and we started attending women’s sessions together. It was so much fun to see her experience trying something new like she sees me do all the time.


What would you tell other women and young girls about getting involved in cycling? 

Marcia: I would encourage any woman to try it. My favourite night is the women’s night. I love how everyone supports and encourages each other. There was one night in particular when I was having a tough go and a lady saw and she came over. She talked me through what I needed to do as we cycled around and even drafted me so I could get back in with the group.  Everyone is happy to see other women out trying something new and different. The experienced cyclists are wonderful.  

Alison: Nothing beats the feeling of riding the high parts of the track as fast as you can when a few weeks ago you were terrified of even getting on the lower parts. Whether you cycle or not, track cycling is for everyone. Go out and try it, the worst that happens is you don’t like it. But it is an experience of a lifetime and I’m so thankful I gave it a shot.