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OC Women’s Month Profile – Lori D’Ornellas

Lori-Ann D’Ornellas is the owner-operator of D’Ornellas Bike Shop. She has not only built a safe and inclusive space within the bike shop but has carried this through to the bike shops cycling club (D’Ornellas Cycling Club), where everyone is welcomed, no matter what your cycling goals are! Her and her team can be found not just in the shop, but also supporting the many different charity and community events & races. 

Make sure you stop into the shop to say ‘Hi’ or come out on Sunday, May 12th for a fun, no drop coffee ride (65Km) on Sunday, May 12th at 8:00am!


How long have you been involved in cycling? 

I’ve been around bikes my entire life. My father was a professional bike racer, National Road Champion, and Olympian in the 70’s/80’s. He opened our shop in 1988. My early childhood and teen years were spent behind the counter of our shop. Over 10 years ago and all grown up I came back to the shop full time driven by a desire to continue building the cycling community. I developed my own passion for cycling.


What made you decide to open a bike shop?

My father founded our shop but since my arrival back full time I have added on to the great foundation he laid. I helped to start one of the very first women’s only group rides, maintenance and learn to ride programs here in the city. Every day I’m excited to introduce more people to the sport of cycling and finding the perfect bike for their needs and goals.

woman in a bike shop holding a rear wheel with a rack of bikes on the wall behind
group of women cyclists outside d'ornellas bike shop

What has been the most rewarding part of working in the industry?

Helping people. I’m always grateful for the opportunity and trust to play a role in helping riders achieve their goals through advice, friendly service, and emergency support when they need it. I’ve worked hard at breaking down the stigma of bike shops and created a welcoming place for all levels of riders. I want people to feel the wind on their face and the exhilarating feelings of accomplishment knowing that their own two legs can take them on amazing adventures.


What do you hope for the future of cycling for women in Ontario?

I would love to see more women not only riding bikes but also working in bike shops. My shop is one of few that has a woman owner. I also have a woman heading up our service department.

I hope to see greater representation and recognition for female cyclists in all levels of the sport and an increase in inclusivity and diversity within the cycling community and industry campaigns because representation matters. 


What’s your favourite bike?

My favourite bike is the one that gets people out riding, exploring, and experiencing the joy of two wheels. I do admire, appreciate the craftsmanship and technology behind the different bike models, but what truly fills my cup is the transformative power of cycling itself. 

The best bike is the one that inspires the rider and brings a smile to their face with every turn of the crank.