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OC Women’s Month Profile – Julie Hutsebaut

An ex-professional road cyclist, Julie Hutsebaut transitioned to coaching athletes from Junior to Masters categories, from regional to international ranks and led various women’s continental teams as Directeur sportif. Her work through the next decade in para-cycling and the paralympic sport movement foster her passion about creating inclusive environments in sport. As an inclusion and accessibility specialist, Julie is combining her passions by offering coaching and support to women and para-cyclists in the National Capital Region.


How long have you been cycling?

Nearly 30 years, at very different levels and speed!


What drew you to coaching?

I started my NCCP coaching courses in my second year of racing with the objective of gaining greater understanding around the training prescriptions I would receive and the requirements of this sport, making myself even more accountable to the decision to race full time upon my undergraduate studies.


What’s your favourite part about coaching?

Empowering others! I love to witness their joy and celebrate with them the mastering of a new skill or the success towards a new goal.


What advice would you give to other women about getting into coaching?

Be intentional and purposeful about why and how you spend your time coaching. Seeing your own measures of success will encourage you to pursue and bring undoubtable value to your work as a coach.


What’s your favourite thing to do outside of cycling?

To cheer and support my children through their sports and life endeavors.

Two female cyclists road riding side by side smiling and talking. The photo is taken from a profile, showing the first rider wearing a red and white cycling kit, a white and lime green helmet and sunglasses. The cyclists are riding on a country road on a sunny day.

Photo by: Gregoire Crevier