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OC Women’s Month Profile – Joanne Barber

Joanne Barber is a valuable and incredibly active member of the Owen Sound Cycling Club.  She has led the Women’s ride and the Thursday Mixed ride for many years and currently sits on the clubs executive committee. OSCC credits their club’s almost 50% female membership largely because of Joanne’s influence and dedication.


How long have you been cycling?

Since 1988.


What drew you to getting involved with Owen Sound Cycling Club?

An opportunity to learn to ride in a group and share the camaraderie of like-minded people.

Woman in cycling kit looking over her shoulder smiling with Muskoka chairs and a lake view background
Woman cyclist on gravel road, clear skies and waterfront background

What’s your favorite part about volunteering and running these events for women?

Consistency is the name of the game and I enjoy encouraging others to try something they haven’t done before. Examples are taking someone from flat pedals to clips and showing the how to ride in a pace line and next thing they are branching off and doing half iron triathlons. Nice to see the progression and their success.


What advice would you give to other women about getting involved?

Don’t be intimidated by the kind of bike you have. As Lance said, “it’s not always about the bike”. It might be good to ditch the basket carrier and streamers, but you don’t need a fancy bike to get started. Try it first, get advice from other riders, go to a trusted bike shop.


What’s favourite type of ride?  

I am first a road rider, love our social group rides, especially our women’s rides. Often with a potluck or bevies at a local restaurant post ride. Don’t forget we live in the best place in Ontario – Georgian Bay. All rides have low traffic, and we have great post ride spots right on the harbour. Doesn’t get any better. I also enjoy solo road trips, my favourite is a point to point to the Bruce Peninsula where my husband parks the vehicle, he enjoys hiking and I ride to the vehicle and the pick him up on his point-to-point Bruce Trail hike. We have it all figured out. I enjoy hiking too, but I also enjoy the solitude of riding and resetting the mind. The Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island are two of my most favourite areas to ride.

I also enjoy our rail trails and my husband enjoys riding with me on these journeys.  If you haven’t tried the Georgian Trail, it is something to add to your bucket list.